How Sonoco Asia Paper Cans Are Taking Over the World Food Packaging

Sonoco Asia is the world’s largest manufacturer of cans, tubes, Paper container, and cores for food and beverage applications. The company is committed to sound environmental practices and is a key player in the industries it serves. The company has also made aggressive efforts to cut operating costs and selling, general, and administrative expenses.

Sonoco Asia is the world’s largest can, tubes, and cores packaging company

Sonoco began its expansion into Asia in 1992, opening a new office in Singapore and launching a new tube and cores manufacturing facility there. The company also expanded its operations in Malaysia, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. In 1993, it bought Crellin Holding, Inc., a US company that produced plastic carriers and reels for fiber optics and textiles. The acquisition increased Sonoco’s global presence while reducing its workforce by about 15 percent. In addition to the acquisition of Crellin Holding, Sonoco Asia opened an office in Singapore and launched a tube and cores production facility in Malaysia.

In the United States, the company began manufacturing paperboard boxes and expanded into the manufacturing of coreboards. It also acquired the Udo Fischer Company of Maulburg, Germany, doubling its coreboard capacity and opening a new plant in Taiwan. In Japan, Sonoco established a joint venture with Showa Marutsu Co. Ltd. to produce film cores and tubes. In Europe, Sonoco also acquired Lhomme S.A., the largest producer of tubes in Europe. It also purchased Rolex, an Australian core and tube manufacturer.

Sonoco Asia

Sonoco’s commitment to sound environmental practices

As a global packaging solutions provider, Sonoco has a commitment to environmental responsibility. The company has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage in its business units. It has also committed to incorporate sustainability metrics into management incentives. The company also works with suppliers and customers to develop sustainable packaging options.

Sustainability and innovation are key facets of Sonoco. The company recycles two million tons of used paper annually and maintains a network of reclamation facilities worldwide. In addition, Sonoco partners with retailers, municipalities, and other organizations to promote recycling and turn waste into valuable raw material. The company also incorporates recycled materials in its products.

The company has invested heavily in advanced information technology, which allows it to provide superior customer service and speed to its customers. Its global footprint and internal resources enable it to offer a variety of packaging solutions for consumers.

Sonoco’s influence in the industries it serves

With annualized net sales of $5.2 billion, Sonoco is the leading global packaging company, serving the needs of food, beverage, industrial, and medical industries. The company has more than 19,000 employees in 33 countries and serves some of the world’s most iconic brands.

The company was founded in France in 1989 by George Sireix and has two paper can manufacturing facilities. It also has a research and development center that designs and patents packaging equipment. The company also has a patented production process that enables it to produce virtually any shape or size of packaging.

Sonoco’s consumer packaging business serves the fresh, prepared, and direct-to-consumer food markets. Its product portfolio includes rigid paper containers, steel tinplate cans, metal closures, thermoformed plastic trays, and printed flexible packaging. Sonoco has over 300 locations in 32 countries and sells its products in 85 countries. The company’s products are distributed globally and its revenue is divided into three main segments: rigid paper containers, thermoformed plastic trays, and global brand artwork management.

Sonoco’s aggressive actions to reduce operating costs and selling, general and administrative expenses

Sonoco is a global packaging company focused on sustainability. It recently completed a merger with the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, which is one of the largest providers of composite cans, drums and rigid plastic containers. In order to meet the needs of food and beverage companies, Sonoco sought to provide reliable and sustainable packaging solutions. To achieve this, it partnered with companies that specialize in robotics and artificial intelligence. For instance, the company partnered with AMP Robotics, a company that develops stiff paperboard cans. These two companies aimed to improve recycling rates of the spiral wound paper canister.

The company has four paper container operations in the U.S. and aims to divert 3,300 tons of scrap from landfills every year. The recycled material will be sent to the company’s paper mills to create 100 percent recycled paperboard.