How the Peel and Stick Grasscloth Wallpaper is the Best Choice

Wallpaper is the most common home décor way used by everyone today. People demand something fashionable yet earthly also. Peel and stick Grasscloth wallpaper is the unique type of wallpaper used for the home décor, its appeal for the special kind of individual who ‘taste is different from the rest.

The grasscloth wallpaper is available in different types of patterns that take more skill to install and require a bit of upkeep compared to the rest of the wall coverings. The smell and the look of the grasscloth bring a modern, breathtaking artistry touch that dazzles the mind.

Firstly, we will talk about what the grasscloth is; based on customers’ conversation, many people are confused about what it is.

How it’s Made
  • Grasscloth Sisals

Most of the grasscloths are handcrafted in the world. Most materials used are arrowroot, bamboo hemp, raffia, reeds, jute, and seagrass. These fibers are hand-woven with lightweight cotton threads in a complex framework. The specific pattern of it can be either be vertical and horizontal, where horizontal is the most popular style of it.

  • Hand Weaving Grasscloth Wallpaper

It is typically the least double the cost of the traditional wallpaper. It is handmade and labor extensive to produce; unlike conventional wall coverings, it’s not manufactured on the roll machines. Each sisal is hand-woven by the actual person.

Some Advice or Word of Precaution

As the raw material used in the grasscloth makes it easy to tear and rip. So, I wouldn’t suggest putting it on the area to get high amounts of wear and tear. You shouldn’t want to hang it in the room whether they have daily access for the children’s, because they can easily be scratched or torn.

Don’t prefer to install it in the bathroom or kitchen areas, as the substances that splatter on the walls where the grasscloth is hanged or install will be harder to clean and could leave the mark or stains on it, which results in the spoiling on the look of the area.


The best aspect of the grasscloth is the fragrance it brings into a room. It’s the unforgettable natural grass that hits your nostrils when you install it. Over time, the aroma will be less intense, but it will always stay as long as the material remains installed. It’s not the fierce or overpowering smell but rather the hint of grasscloth goodness.

Colors and Patterns

Grasscloths are also available in different colors and patterns design; you can choose the one that perfectly matches your rest of the home décor. As we can peel and stick them easily so, it provides you the advantage of choosing the wallpaper and trying it; if it doesn’t match the décor, you can change it without causing any damage t the walls.

These are the following points about the grasscloth wallpaper that make it slightly different from the other wallpapers. It also has an easy pick and stick method that makes it more unique and made it come in the demands. Peel and stick grasscloth wallpaper is the best idea for decorating your walls in the best way.