How to Being Novelty to Your Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

The custom bath bomb boxes are not meant merely to provide protection to your delicate bath bombs. Rather, they have another important function to fulfill, and that is to present your bath bombs in the most alluring fashion. They help your product stand out amidst hundreds of other similar products with different brand names.

Besides protection and presentation, the. Bath bomb boxes help give your brand identity of its own. They carry the logo of your brand and the specific graphics and color combination of your brand with which your audience recognizes you. Hence, the quality of your custom boxes is as important as the quality of your product itself. Without a well-designed custom package, you cannot hope to stay in the market. So, it is important that you get your boxes designed in the trendiest way possible. Here is how you can ensure that your packaging serves the purpose of branding to the fullest.

Customization is the Key 

Branding today is all about establishing a unique identity and that can not be done until you have a customized package for your product. Starting from the lettering of your logo and the color combination you use for your brand to the design of your box, everything comes under the definition of customization.  All these apparently small features combine up to create a bigger picture or the brand image with which your customers can easily recognize you.

Hence it is important that you bring in some innovation both in box designing and graphic designing so that you have a custom package readily identifiable. You can go for such features as window cutting to help make your box look presentable. I will enhance the beauty of your bath bombs while at the same time reducing the need to open the box every time a customer has to examine the product. 

Moreover, it is recommended that you go for custom printed bath bomb boxes wholesale which is made exactly according to the dimensions of the product. A precisely sized snugly fitting box helps make your product look handsome as it acts as the outfit for your product.

Don’t Hesitate to Try Some Additional Printing Features

When it comes to novelty, trying some additional printing options always pays off.  You can go for such features as gold foiling or silver foiling to make your boxes look elite. Besides the embossing or the raised ink help give a 3D look to your boxes. Similarly, spot UV makes you shine out the rest. 

Although these additional printing options may seem to be a bit too costly, in fact, they pay off in the end for every penny you spend on them. They give you an unmatched identity and make your brand among the elite brands. They not only help in creating an identity but also help in keeping the customers and building loyalty towards the brand.

Make Your Box Informative for the Customers

Informing the customers is another very important role played by today’s retail packaging. The customers today want to have a piece of complete knowledge of the product they are going to use. This is especially true when it comes to the products which are related to skincare.

It is imperative that your wholesale custom boxes should provide all the necessary information about the bath bombs. For example, if your bathrooms are meant for a specific skin type, you should mention it clearly. Besides, the manufacturing date and the expiry date should also be mentioned on the box. Moreover, any potential allergens should be highlighted. Similarly, the instructions about the use of the bath bombs should also be clearly printed on the box. Boxes are also a great platform for you to boast about the standards of quality your company meets during the manufacturing process. Process

You may also mention the main ingredients of your bath bombs, for example, which essential oils or moisturizing agents your bath bombs contain and how they can be beneficial for the skin. In short, the space of the boxes should be utilized in a smart way to mention every important piece of information that the customer is looking for. It helps radiate a professional image of the company.