How to Fix Account Suspended Due to Policy Violation

Your account is suspended.’ Google sends this dreaded message via email if they find any malicious software on your website or Google Ad policies being violated by you. Also, if they detect any egregious policy violation, they will suspend your account immediately, that too without any warning. But don’t worry! You can fix the Google account suspension issue in just a few steps. First, let us understand why Google suspends your account in the first place.

Why Does Google Suspend Accounts?

Google prioritizes the safety of the users very seriously. If they perceive the advertisers’ actions that may put the users or partner websites at risk, they will ban the accounts from using the Google Ads platform. Thus, Google has policies, terms, and conditions that help create a safe experience for the users. If they find policy violations, they will suspend the account to protect the advertising ecosystem.

Egregious Violations

Egregious violations of Google Ads policies are so serious that pose significant harm to the users. These violations reflect that the advertisers’ business is unlawful, doesn’t obey the Google Ads policies, and Google can’t risk future exposures to the users. Google accounts reflecting egregious violations result in immediate account suspension; Google won’t warn the advertiser before suspending the account.

Some policies that are considered to be egregious include counterfeit, circumventing systems, trade sanctions violations, unacceptable business practices, etc.

There are many other policy violations that lead to account suspension. In that case, Google will send you a warning to give you an idea about the nature of the policy violation. Google also suggests the actions that can be taken as a remedy to resolve the issue. This message is sent at least a week before the account suspension.

Steps To Fix Account Suspended Due to Policy Violation

Google uses both automated and human evaluation to detect policy violations. If you happen to receive an account suspension email from Google, below are the steps to fix it-

Initial evaluation

When a user uploads items to your account for the very first time, your websites and items would be subject to an initial review to make sure they meet the requirements and e-commerce ads policies. This procedure can take up to 3 business days. During that time, your products will be showcased as ‘Pending’ on the Diagnostics page. As the review reveals that your products or website do not obey the Shopping ads policies, the account will be suspended immediately. You will get a notification email with further details. If the review is fruitful, your products will become eligible to offer their services with Shopping ads.


Merchant Center accounts are reviewed frequently. If your products or website is not in obedience to shopping ads policies, you will receive a cautionary email with more details about the concerns about how to set it and a time to fix your issues (usually seven days).

During the warning period, your products will continue to be shown in Shopping ads. The warning period will also be shown in your account on the Diagnostics page, under the Account disputes page.

Note: In other cases, when an egregious policy problem is detected, no warning is given, and the account is suspended instantly.

Account suspension

If your account happens to be suspended, you will get a series of emails having all of the concerning information associated with Shopping ads policies noticed and account suspension.

Your website or account will be examined at the expiration of the warning period. If all concerns are resolved, the cautionary notice will be lifted, and your ads will last serving as normal.

If any of the issues are not resolute, your account will be suspended, and every product of yours will be inactivated from Shopping ads. You will get an email notification stating that your account has been suspended. You will also see your account position on the Home and the Diagnostics pages of your account.

If your account is suspended, your items will be no more visible in Shopping ads. They will, though, still be accessible for other destinations.

Note: Messages concerning Shopping ads rules and account suspension are temporarily stored in the account message document of the impacted user handle.

Request evaluation button

If the account has been suspended, you can request a review using the Request review button. You can only request a revaluation if there are no other incomplete requests. If your account has multiple policy concerns in the same country of sale, the appraisal will apply to all concerns for that nation of sale.

If your account is suspended, you’ll get two chances to request a review.

Guidelines for requesting a review
  1. Log in to your Merchant Center Account.
  2. Tap on Products on the navigation menu, then click Diagnostics.
  3. Tap on the Account issues tab.
  4. Find the account-level issue that you would like to have reviewed.
  5. Ensure that there are in-stock products uploaded and all issues for the affected country of sale are resolute.
  6. Tap on Request evaluation.
  7. Read the pop-up window to make sure that you understand the review process and its necessities and restrictions.
  8. Review the box and click Request review.

You need to keep in mind that check requests can take up to 7 days to the whole. You will receive an email notification once the review has ended.


With these handfuls of steps, you can resolve the account suspension issue. However, make sure to read Google’s terms and conditions, policies carefully to prevent your account from being suspended. If you think there is an error and you haven’t violated any policy, you can also submit an appeal to Google to look into the matter. They will recheck the accounts only in compelling circumstances, like in case of a mistake. Therefore, it is advised to be honest, correct, and thorough. Furthermore, if your account was suspended and you qualify for a refund, you are eligible to cancel the account and get the refund.