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Dubai has set itself as the world’s most visited location. Dubai is also playing its part in alluring millions of tourists in Dubai yearly. Many people also visit Dubai for a good job. To begin a tourism business in this emirate, you need to obtain a Tourism License In Dubai for this purpose. If you are interested to start such a business and want to get a tourism license then connect with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will surely guide you and also help you throughout the entire process of getting a tourism license in an easy manner.

Apart from being a technology and innovation center, Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist locations in Asia. The geographical location of Dubai acts in a great manner to allure profit from activities related to tourism. Dubai acts as a connectivity center for tourists who travel from west to east and vice versa. Tourists from the west travel to Asia and Africa through Dubai. Therefore, the connectivity feature connected with Dubai is large. By 2020, this is estimated that the movement of travelers via Dubai International Airport will reach 75 million.

The tourism and travel sector contributes significantly to the GDP figures of the UAE. Depending on the 2016 figures, the overall contribution was AED 150 billion – 12.2% of GPD. The sector support over 300,000 direct jobs in the United Arab Emirates – 5.4% of total employment. Many initiatives have been started by the government of the UAE in the tourism and travel sector. The initiatives have been started in various emirates and a few of them are Abu Dhabi Sustainable tourism, and more. The skyscraper marvel, Burj Khalifa in Dubai allures around 2 million visitors per year. And yes, Dubai has a lot to provide for business people from over the globe in travel and tourism.

Apply for Tourism License in Dubai

First of all, you need to apply for a business license in Dubai. The easy method to do is, make an application to a Dubai-free zone. You can directly apply for the free zone or work with the Business Setup Consultants in Dubai who can handle the whole procedure of application for you. There are so many great reasons to set up your venture in this special free zone. Businesses forming in a free zone advantage from no overseas currency restrictions, exemption on custom taxes, no requirement for share capital, easy process of incorporation, and no annual audit. There is also no requirement to be present in the country to set up your new venture.

You will also require to apply for a tourism license to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. There are three kinds of tourism licenses to select from. Whatever license you need, the procedure complies with similar steps. Simply present your application, passport copy, your business plan outline, and a certificate of a blank criminal record to the DTCM.

Along with your license, you will also need to visa to perform in the United Arab Emirates. Most free zone packages come with the eligibility of a visa. You can also sponsor your dependents for their visas as well. It abides a similar procedure whether you want to sponsor domestic workers or a kind or spouse. If performing in a free zone, your account manager can assist you with this procedure, maintaining your license and visa applications on your behalf.

Types of Tourism License in Dubai 

·         Inbound Tourism License 

Businesses planning to operate inbound tourism activities should possess an inbound tourism conduction license. All inbound tour operators are needed to have a similar license. The holder of an inbound tourism license can operate tourism and sightseeing activities within the Dubai limits. The inbound tourism operator can arrange tour programs associated with conferences and events. Another essential need is an insurance policy to deal with uncertainties related to travel.

·       Outbound Tourism License 

Outbound and inbound tourism operations in Dubai will be possible with an outbound tourism license in UAE. it means that tourism operators can arrange tourism programs beyond the borders of Dubai. – which is not the case with inbound licenses. The holder of an outbound license has the added benefit of organizing international conferences and meetings. The insurance policy need is also compulsory for an outbound license in Dubai. The policy’s validity covers the complete license term.

·         Travel Agent License 

A travel agent license is needed for travel agents who include activities such as travel accommodation, visa support, transportation, tour and sightseeing, air ticket, and more. The requirement for the travel agent license is similar to inbound and outbound licenses in Dubai. Although, there is an extra need. Civil Aviation Department NOC is essential for issuing a license. To apply for such a license, Start Any Business UAE professionals are here to help you.

Document Require for Getting a Tourism License in Dubai 

Since Dubai is a tourist center, acquiring a tourism license in Dubai is not a complex process if you comply with the essential phases accurately. Provided below are the necessary documents required to get a tourism license in Dubai so that you can form your tourism business in Dubai.

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport of the applicant
  • Evidence of professionals and educational qualifications of a manager
  • No Objection Certificate of the Civil Aviation Authority
  • The owner and the manager of a company must produce a certificate that endorses no criminal record.
  • Verified documents supporting office space of 30 sq. m

Benefits of Getting a Tourism License in Dubai

Obtain a tourism license through Start Any Business UAE. There are several advantages that we assure.

The travel agency can provide visit visas, conduct guided tours, conduct air ticket sales, and other tourism-oriented activities establish international meetings, conferences, and events. Promoting tourism activities outside and inside the nation helps you in getting a suitable office space for your tourism company. Executed the whole travel license paperwork. Systemic department-level coordination.

The tourism and travel field in Dubai has been seen a large investment in current years. And yes – it is a thriving sector. Make the most use of Dubai’s infrastructure and technological advancements and invest wisely. The Dubai World Expo 2020 is required to generate huge profit for the tourism field. Any suggestion, advice, consulting help about tourism license in Dubai, feel free to consult with Start Any Business UAE professionals.

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