How to Use Your Website for Customer Registration?

How to use your website for customer registration; To effectively register customers, create a flow for capturing, storing, and managing data that is practical, intelligent, and, if possible, automated. In addition, some practices can also help you manage your customer list more efficiently. Check out some tips below:

How To Use Your Website For Customer Registration

1 – Get Customer Registration Data

We saw what critical data you need to capture from your customers in the previous topic. Therefore, ensure that all necessary information is requested in your purchase and/or registration form.

Take the data that will be essential for your marketing and sales strategies. Thus, it is easier to create a lean form aligned with your needs.

2 – Record Consumer Shopping Options

So, in the case of customers who have purchased from your store, in addition to personal and contact data, it is essential to record the consumer’s purchase preferences. So if he bought a pair of pants, add that information to the record.

In this way, you will already have inputs to send unique campaigns to that client. For example, if your store has a promotion on pants, this consumer will undoubtedly be interested in knowing.

3 – Store The Information in a Platform or Spreadsheet

The way you store and organize all the information will be crucial for managing your client list. Think that the more people register and buy from your store, the more extensive your database will be. To ensure that you can use this information cohesively, it takes organization.

The registration of customers manually, although possible, is unfeasible. So, as your business grows, it will become increasingly difficult to manage so much information without the help of automated tools. This is where spreadsheets and CRM systems prove essential.

Count on platforms specialized indata managementto ensure that your information is always up to date and organized. In the course of this content, we will know some options.

What is CRM?

4 – Keep Your Data Up to Date

So, ensure that data is always up to date and avoid duplicate entries. Optimizing your customer list will ensure that your database statistics are more assertive and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

So, an excellent way to do this is to encourage the customer to update their data, offering discounts; and promotions for those who update their registration.

5 – Establish Personalized Communication

Speaking of email marketing, use the information to your advantage when creating your campaign communications. The data obtained will give you a comprehensive and clear view of who your target audience is.

So, as a result, you will be able to find the appropriate language to address your audience and customize customer service.

In Excel, How Do You Make a Customer Registration Spreadsheet?

Another way to register customers is using an Excel spreadsheet. While this is a more manual way, it is also very effective at keeping your customers’ data organized.

In practice, it is necessary to create a spreadsheet with specific columns for each information you want to collect and add some formulas to automate the counting and organization of the data.

So, to facilitate this process, we have created a ready-to-use customer registration worksheet. Just download and copy the File on Google or download it in .xlsx format and use it directly in Excel. Check out:

Just click on “Make a copy” after clicking on the link in the first option. Then, automatically, a new tab of your browser will appear with your copy of the spreadsheet.

If you prefer to download the File in .xlsx format and use it directly in Excel, click on File> Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

With the File ready for use, register your customer data and keep the spreadsheet updated. Be very careful with the service and sharing consumers’ data, ok? So, the idea is to have a clear privacy policy for the use of customer data to ensure that your store complies with the General Data Protection Act.

Why Is It Essential to Have a Customer Record?

Knowing how to register customers is essential to manage and maintain a company’s consumer portfolio. That is, in addition to seeking to attract new people, you need to work on ways to engage those who have already purchased from you or shown interest in the brand at some point.

With an organized and updated contact list, it is possible to invest in email marketing campaigns to maintain the s customers informed about the news of your business. In addition, you will have material rich in information about your target audience, which allows you to understand your audience’s behavior better.

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What Are The Advantages of Registering Customers?

Registering your business’s customers will bring a series of advantages to the management and growth of your company. Check out the main ones below:

Allows You to Get to Know Your Customer Better

With all the essential information about the people who bought or registered in your store, you can better get to know your consumer. So, the more you know about your customer, the more effective your sales strategies will be, and you’ll make more money if your conversion rate is higher.

Helps Improve Products and/or Services

Part of knowing your audience well involves understanding what their needs are. From there, you have the opportunity to improve your products and services or even create new solutions that meet your customer’s expectations.

Allows You to Reactivate Old Customers

Do you know those customers who bought from you a few times and disappeared? So, having their data registered will allow you to create campaigns to reactivate them and make them believe again.

Boosts After-sales

A good shopkeeper knows that the sale doesn’t end after the customer clicks “Buy.” Therefore, After-sales is extremely important to ensure that the consumer’s shopping experience is positive, directly influencing your company’s reputation.

You can follow up with the customer record after the purchase is made to ensure that everything went well with the customer record.

Allows You to Customize The Service

Personalized service is one of the main factors to help you get closer to your customer. When well attended, the consumer will remember all the positive experiences he had with your brand, which will make him consider buying from you again in the future.

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Helps to Retain Customers

Last but not least, registration helps to retain customers. Creating a proper communication flow will keep your audience always up to date on your products and services. That way, you’re more likely to keep their interest in your brand.

In addition, with personalized service, adequate communication, and offering a positive shopping experience, it is much easier to create a close relationship with the consumer, making them remember your brand in the first place whenever a consumption need arises.

How to Retain Customers?

Most e-commerce platforms have an automated database that captures each consumer who registers or purchases in the virtual store.

Cloudshop, for example, offers the buyer the option to create an account on the sales site. In this way, all information entered is sent to the entrepreneur’s administrative panel.

This information is recorded and can be consulted at any time by accessing the main menu of the store’s administrative panel and clicking on “Customers” or “Contacts”:

The “customer list” refers to the data of those who have purchased from your store, while the “contact list” contains the information of users who have registered on your site.

Now, if you sell on a platform that doesn’t offer this automated process or don’t have a virtual store yet, you can count on the help of a CRM — Customer Relationship Management, in Portuguese.

This software offers a practical and efficient data management experience, which can help you register and maintain your customer list. Here are some popular platforms on the market:

  • Zoho CRM
  • RD Station CRM
  • HubSpot CRM