Important things to know when applying for a Singapore employment pass

Working in a rich country like Singapore has many perks. For one thing, the salary paid is relatively higher compared to working in the same job in developing countries. That is why many foreigners, especially those who are earning little, will go to Singapore and work. Because of this, the Singapore government issues different kinds of work visas. One of those employment visas is the employment pass Singapore visa.

The Singapore employment pass is a professional employment visa that is meant for high-skilled workers aiming to be managers, executives, or specialists in Singapore. Aside from a high minimum salary limit, E Pass holders are eligible for Dependent Passes as well as permanent residency applications. In addition, they are permitted to get medical insurances and rent or buy a home in Singapore. However, before undergoing the employment pass Singapore application process, it is necessary to know how the application process works. That is why in this article, we are giving you the 5 important things to know when applying for a Singapore employment pass.

#1 – You must meet the Singapore employment pass eligibility criteria

First of all, you need to know whether you are eligible for the employment pass Singapore visa. To be eligible, your prospective job in Singapore should be a managerial position or a specialist profession. Furthermore, the salary limit that you should be paid for every month must be not less than SG$4,500. It can be higher if the Singapore employment pass candidate is older or has more experience. In addition, the candidate must be a graduate of a reputable university or college or has strong and relevant work experience.

#2 – You can’t apply without your employer’s help

A foreigner is not allowed to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa on his or her own. They need the help of a Singaporean employer. That is because only the employer or the authorized employment agent is permitted to use the Singapore employment pass application portal. Thus, it is a must that you look for a job first in Singapore to get an employer who will apply for your E Pass on your behalf. All you have to do in this stage of the application is to submit your required documents and written consent letter to your employer. 

#3 – Employment pass Singapore application is done online

As mentioned, the employment pass Singapore application is done through a portal. The employer can either use the EP Online or myMOM portal to submit the E Pass application. Since it is done online, the actual submission of the application is very fast. The employer only needs to input the data in the Singapore employment pass application form. Then, he or she will attach the required documents. However, it usually takes 8 months before the results of the application are revealed. The E Pass results will be informed to you by your employer.

#4 – You need to be in Singapore to request the Singapore employment pass card

After getting approved for the E Pass, the employment pass Singapore applicant will receive an In-Principle Approval document. This document contains a single entry pass to Singapore and is valid for 6 months. Before you can get the actual Singapore employment pass card, you need to be in Singapore. Although your employer is the one that will request the card, the candidate needs to be in Singapore in order to register for a photo and fingerprints. In addition, they will be the main recipient of the card once it is available.

#5 – The employer controls your employment pass Singapore status

Although a lot of benefits are gained for being an employment pass Singapore holder, you don’t have control over the status of your E Pass. That is because only the employer has control over the Singapore employment pass. Aside from the application, they are the ones who can renew the E Pass. They also have the choice if they want to prematurely cancel the E Pass. Thus, it is important to maintain your employment with the employer that applied for the E Pass on your behalf. 

Know more about the E Pass

Those are the 5 important points to know about the Singapore employment pass. There are many more you need to know about this work visa before you apply. Knowing more means you will learn what is required in order to get approved. If you wish to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa, you can seek assistance from a work pass company.