Increase Your Productivity with Combine Harvester

In the 1800s,  it took farmer’s families a whole month to harvest crops. Starting from cutting stalks with sickle or reaper for reaping, removing seed from the husk by beating it with a stick, to separating the kernel from the chaff using a winnowing fan or winnowing fork, all the activities demanded manpower and time. It took a whole day and laborious efforts to complete this tedious task of harvesting. But now agriculture has come a long way and the process of mechanization has removed a substantial amount of drudgery from farm labour. With the combine harvester, all three processes of reaping, threshing, and winnowing are done easily single-handedly in no time.

Balkar combine’s combine harvester is a low-cost high-quality agricultural instrument, with an impressive performance. Owing to a wide straw walker, small turning radius, power steering, and large sieve area for optimum grain cleaning and a comfortable operating system, the harvester commits quality and quantity products. Ensuring the following benefits the combine harvester directly contributes to the spiked production.

  1. Reduced production cost: With shrunken dependency on labour,  and specific separate machines to perform the activities of reaping, threshing there is a huge splash in the production cost. Balkar Combine is efficient to perform all these activities single-handedly, at a  lower maintenance cost even than that of the wages of labour.
  2. Reduced crop losses: The grain loss due to manual cutting, tying of crop, and during transferring of the crop is prevented with a combine harvester. The harvester assures the cleaner quality grain by separating the cereal from the grain thus ensuring the premium pay in the marketplace. The crop is also preserved from being damaged by natural disasters.
  3.  Reduced time: The Crops spread in large hectares are harvested together in a day or two with the Balkar Combine harvester. The work and hassle are reduced tenfold with it. The farms are also prepared in a short period of time for the next crop.


All the above-mentioned points reveal that There are guaranteed high-performance benefits of the combine harvester to increase the productivity of farmers. It promises high revenue generation to small farmers with low maintenance cost thus is capable of transforming lives and agriculture.