Insight Email Addresses to be Shutdown if Not Converted| Is it True?

These famous companies that are run online are extremely well used and there are millions of people who use them. especially the email service which was extremely well used by millions of users, as email is such an integral part of our lives in these modern times. Everyone, no matter if you are a student or a working professional you definitely need an email account. 

Therefore email services like Gmail, Yahoo or insight mail came into being and became sensationally popular. Insight had garnered huge acclaim as an email service but every company faces ups and downs in business. The same happened with insight and another company Time Warner Cable which will still be operating this email service. 

But, there is a great deal of confusion among the users who were using the Insight email address when they got this news. In the next section, we will discuss these issues and clear your confusion about insight com webmail.

Do you have to convert your email address to use the Insight email address?

There has been a lot of speculations and doubts about the insight email account ever since it was bought out by Time Warner Cable company. However, both these things are quite common, companies buy each other out and in that case, confusion is created. The most common confusion that is created among the users is that do we have to change our email IDs and how do we keep the original email address that connects us to so many of our friends, family and colleagues.

So, we must relieve all the users that you do not have to change any platform or account to keep using an webmail. You do not need a subscription to any other email service or you do not need to make another account for you to function on Insight without any problem. Just enter your old email address and password which was used in the Insight email account and you’ll be fine.