Keep Underarms Fresh With Cleo+Coco

It is important that we take care of ourselves using only the best body products that are entirely safe and effective. With products that go directly onto your skin and get absorbed on a daily basis, you want to look for well-researched, natural ingredients. While your deodorant may be keeping your skin feeling dry, it may also be inviting unwanted materials into your body that you do not need to tolerate. Rather than settling on our deodorants, let’s look at the better options available. The brand Cleo+Coco has been creating natural body products that are everything you could want.

The Idea Behind It

The idea of Cleo+Coco came about when founder Suzannah Raff was in the process of making great changes in her life. She was exploring the clean beauty movement and wanted to do away with all of the older products she had that contained undesirable ingredients. After becoming pregnant, Suzannah only became more cautious about what she was using on her body and began second-guessing all of the perfumed body care products she had enjoyed for so long. It just did not seem worth it anymore. All of her older body products, including deodorant, had to go. But that left a space in her life for products that were safe to use and still effective. To fill this void in her collection, Suzannah got to work creating something new. She created a product she could not find anywhere else on the market: a natural deodorant that actually works.

Clean & Safe

The Cleo+Coco products had to start with high-quality, effective ingredients. Right away that meant no use of aluminum or talc, which are ordinarily used in antiperspirants. Aluminum clogs the pores of your underarms to prevent the release of sweat, but is connected to health concerns in excessive amounts. Talc is another ingredient potentially linked to health concerns, so natural alternatives like arrowroot powder are used instead. Avoiding aluminum as well, Cleo+Coco uses activated charcoal and magnesium-rich bentonite clay to purify the skin, remove odor, and absorb moisture. Cleo+Coco uses all-natural ingredients that are also sustainably sourced to ensure minimal environmental impact. It is also worth noting that no irritating synthetic fragrances were used to give these products their scents. In their place are carefully selected essential oils for a delicate, pleasant scent to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Covers All the Bases

With so much care and attention given to the ingredients used, it was no surprise that Cleo+Coco would carry such fantastic products. Take a look at their star product, the Charcoal Deodorant, as an example. The founder, Suzannah, wanted a deodorant that was everything she needed in one. She wanted it to keep her underarm area dry and fresh, even on the hottest of days with a light scent to eliminate odor. This deodorant can handle sweat and odor without clogging pores or requiring you to detox your underarm area regularly. The formula is balanced to provide the best experience possible for regular use as this natural deodorant glides onto the skin easily with no surface marks and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh so you can be comfortable all day. Even without the use of synthetic fragrances, the Cleo+Coco deodorants come in some amazing scents like lavender vanilla and basil mint. These deodorants deliver on everything you could ask for in a deodorant, all while being completely natural and safe to use.

Those new to the brand should start with either the signature Charcoal Deodorant or the Zero Waste Deodorant Bar to avoid extra packaging altogether. The Dry Shampoo + Body Powder is another great option for staying fresh despite sweating. To get started using Cleo+Coco products, you can head over to and start shopping the brand’s impressive lineup of natural body care products.

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