Know About Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment are the things that are designed specifically for offering personal protection to the user in any situation and environment. The personal protective equipment that you see being used in the healthcare system aren’t the only type of personal protective equipment; there are various other personal protective equipment that are made for industrial usage and for sports purposes. All in all, where ever there is a possibility that a person might get harmed in any way, there is a protective equipment for them which they can use and save themselves from trouble. It will become clear to you what exactly personal protective equipment are by the end of this article, so keep reading!

  • Head Protection Equipment:

Head protection equipment includes helmets, hard hats, bump caps, guards, and many more accessories. These are made to be used to protect their head either from the material falling from above or where there is a chance that the user might slip and knock their head on the floor, for example, on construction sites or excavation sites also in sports activities like motorbike race, etc.

  • Hand Protection Equipment:

Hand protection equipment mainly includes only gloves, but some other things like gauntlets and wrist cuff arm nets are also included in hand protection equipment. All this equipment help save the hand from any harm by offering resistance against heat, chemicals, microorganisms, and sharp objects. These are mainly used for construction works, chemical-related works like labs, hospital works, etc.

  • Face Protection Equipment:

The most sensitive skin and part of the body is our face and especially our eyes. We need to protect our face at any cost. Usually, on average, the cases of on-site injuries that are reported are of the face and eye injuries. Therefore, things like goggles, glasses, visors, face and eye shields, and over specs are made that can help prevent such injuries from happening.

  • Respiratory Protection Equipment:

There are a lot of particles and foreign bodies present in the air that can harm us if we inhale them. Even on sites, things like dust and gases can get into our respiratory tract and make breathing difficult for us. Therefore, numerous different types of face masks are made to offer protection against the low, medium, and high level of hazards. The most basic type of face masks for regular use are surgical masks, ffp1 masks, ffp2 masks, which you can get from any China ffp2 face mask exporter for yourself, whereas other masks are for environments where some harmful gases and vapors can kill a human.

  • Foot Protection Equipment:

For works that involve the risk of slipping, chemicals, electricity, temperature, or any other potential risk for your feet there, things like safety boots, safety shoes, anti-static and conductive footwear are used to protect the feet from all these harms.

Final Word:

All of these different types of personal protective equipment have very much importance in various fields of work as, without these, a lot of tasks cannot be carried out. However, their use is not limited to professional works only; common people are also suggested to use them when they any such work that involves any of the risks as mentioned above.