Learning The Art Of Measuring How Much Paint You Need For Any Paint Job

Learning to estimate the amount of paint you require for any paint job is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re successful in choosing the perfect shade of paint colour, but if you cannot properly make the current assumptions, then you’d either end up losing money on buying more paints or lose time in running to the paint shop multiple times. 

So, how many gallons of paint do you need for any paint job? How can you measure or make estimations for it? To answer all your questions, we as professional painters South Auckland, have created this comprehensive guide to help you know about the same.

How Many Gallons Of Paint Do You Need For A Paint Job?

According to experts, you can obtain about 400 square feet of paint job using one gallon of paint. The size of the room should be 20-by-20 – which is almost the equivalent of a small studio apartment or a two-car garage. 

However, it must be remembered that most paint jobs will require more than one coat. Therefore, you have to include the number of coats you have to provide, in your calculation as well. For instance, if your room will require two coats and the overall size of the room is around 200 square feet, then by our previously established measurements, you can obtain two coats out of a single gallon of paint. 

If you use two gallons of paint, then you can expect the same to cover around 800 square feet of an overall area, which means that size will be that of an average-sized room. Thus, two gallons is the common paint amount that most homeowners tend to purchase, especially for painting their rooms with double coating. 

However, in case you’re planning to perform one large-sized room along with two small-sized ones, then you’ll need three cans as the total area to cover will be 1200 square feet.

On the other hand, four cans of paint will be able to cover one massive-sized room along with multiple average-sized ones because the overall area to cover will be 1600 square feet. 

Additional Tips
  1. Stretch Your Paint

According to a professional service provider for exterior house painting auckland, you can make your paint stretch a lot more, especially if you have the correct tools. For example, a good-quality roller will be able to provide you with proper coverage, so that you can obtain the best possible results.

We suggest using a 9-inch roller along with a 3/8-inch nap, especially if you’re painting smooth walls. For textured walls, use 1-inch with a 1/2-inch nap.

  1. Know Your Walls

If your walls haven’t been painted in a long time, then you may need more than two coatings. You can also consider the use of primers, so that the paint may stick better.