Lemon Law: A Few Things You Must Know!

The California Lemon Law is a great thing! If you have taken your car to the shop several times and failed to fix an issue with it, you may be entitled to either your money back or a brand new car. However, be careful not to wait too long before bringing in your vehicle since there are several factors that determine whether you qualify for this law’s protection including the number of maintenance trips. If you’ve been suffering from the ills of a car manufacturer and believe that you have a good case with regard to its manufacturing defects.

Enough opportunity for the manufacturer to rectify the issues

Sometimes, people assume that because they’ve encountered problems with a car that it must necessarily be at fault. But the truth is that a good percentage of the time, these cars have become faulty for reasons outside the manufacturer’s control and should therefore be covered under California’s Lemon Law.

If it becomes clear that your vehicle is a lemon, you should apply for compensation. If the situation cannot be resolved by personal initiative or the intervention of an independent business. And the problem persists despite reasonable efforts, talk to your counselor.

Vehicles that are under factory warranty are subject to this law

The lemon law in California is powerful and effective. The first 18 months or 2000 miles should be enough to discover any problems with a vehicle. And take it to the shop. If there’s a failure that isn’t covered by a warranty, then these laws may apply!

Leased & used vehicles are covered!

Lemon laws have been in place for some time now, though the broad implications of these laws may be misunderstood. Lemon laws don’t generally apply to used or leased vehicles. But never buy a used or lease vehicle without first making sure that an active factory warranty is included.

Expect “push-back”

Sometimes buying a car can be quite scary. Every car has a life expectancy and manufacturers rarely comply with warranties in order to keep prices down. So what if you have some issues with your brand new car, let’s say it has engine problems for example? Can you actually use the lemon law against the manufacturer? The answer is yes – at the minimum, to a certain level! There are no official rules about using this law; it’s only when you reach the court that you will be able to use it as a defense mechanism. But once you do, there are some things that could prove useful.

Documentation is essential

The best way to increase your chances of winning a lemon is to have a camera on hand. It can photograph all the damages major and minor that are found on your vehicle. The more documentation you have of the problems, the higher your chances are of convincing a manufacturer to repair or replace your car.

Mileage Depletion

If you turn in your old ride to a dealer on warranty. They’ll buy it back for pretty close to what they paid for it. But if the car has more mileage than originally anticipated, they’ll deduct the value of that mileage in order to avoid any further financial strain!

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