Life insurance and the cost of the last goodbye

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very difficult. It is even more difficult when we know that we cannot make the last goodbye that the deceased deserves. Rising funeral costs mean that more and more families cannot afford it.

The average amount for a funeral is around PLN 10,000. Which is almost four times the average monthly pension. Not everyone can afford to immediately release such an amount from their budget. It turns out that in many cases. We are not financially prepared to deal with the loss of a loved one. So what if you die and your family can’t afford the last goodbye?

Funeral in installments? Nothing unusual these days

Pursuant to the Act on Funeral Services. Human remains should be treated with dignity, and the body may be buried only in designated places. In public or non-public cemeteries. Most public cemeteries are administered by the municipality. Non-public cemeteries are administered by a church or registered associations. Another option, of course is cremation. Recently, more and more people choose this method of last goodbye. Cremation must take place in a crematorium, and relatives of the deceased may then bury the ashes according to the wishes of the deceased, which, however, must be ethical.

Funeral services are aware of the financial burden that most often bears on the family after the death of a loved one, which is why some of them offer the so-called Payment calendar. Those who arrange the funeral pay a certain proportion of the total funeral amount and the remainder in regular installments. learn about Does Warby Parker Take Insurance?

Money credited to a bank account as part of inheritance proceedings

As you age, you become more and more aware of the presence of death, which is why older people tend to save money for their funerals. They do not realize, however, that after their death, their accounts will be partially frozen and the money deposited on them will go to inheritance proceedings.

Pursuant to banking law, funds are frozen in excess of PLN 10,000. A person who has paid for the funeral of the account owner, after presenting the invoices, may receive a payment of up to PLN 10,000 from the deceased’s account.

Probate proceedings can take several months to complete, while funeral expenses must be paid within a week of death. So it may happen that even if you have enough money in your account for a goodbye, your loved ones will not be able to use the money.

So what can I do to prevent my family from ending up in a difficult financial situation?

One way to support your family and make sure they have money when it is needed most is to take out life insurance through 4Life Direct. Money from insurance benefits is not subject to inheritance proceedings and is exempt from tax. In addition, insurance money is paid out within 24 hours of providing the necessary documents. This way, your family will be able to spend the period after your departure in peace and will not have to stress about where to get enough money to arrange the goodbye that you deserve during the week.