List of Commonly Used Plumbing Accessories

You know how the plumbing system goes by, only pipes are not what make up the entire plumbing system, but these pipes also require a handful of accessories in order to form a complete plumbing system. Although the list of accessories is very long but we are only going to talk about the most commonly used accessories in this article. These accessories help the pipes to connect together firmly for a smooth supply of water without wasting any water. They facilitate the connection of pipes with the water demanding things and devices like a faucet, washing machine, etc. Using the right accessory will help you create a leak-proof plumbing system that supplies water at optimal pressure. Here is the list of the commonly used plumbing accessories.

  • Adaptor:

An adapter is like a small pipe, either threaded on both ends or threaded on only one end. This mainly comes into action when there is a need to join a male and a female pipe together. Most of the time, when some fittings are of a different material than the pipe, even then, an adaptor is used to connect the two together with a perfect seal. You can weld or glue an adaptor to a pipe or other fittings.

  • Barb:

A barb has one male end and one ridged tapered one end; it is designed like this to connect hoses with pipes specifically. You can get a cold water barb for using it with cold water supply pipes, and the same is the case with hot water. Barbs are made of plastic or brass.

  • Nipple:

A nipple comes in a lot of varieties like one with both threaded ends, one with male threaded ends, one with female threaded ends, one with one threaded end and one unthreaded end, etc. They make it easy to connect pipes with pipes and pipes with fittings. The best material in nipples is carbon steel; a smart carbon steel nipples supplier can assist you rightly.

  • Coupling:

A coupling is designed specifically to connect pipes of the same diameter together. It is usually used to repair broken or leaking pipes.

  • Cross:

A cross, as the name indicates, is shaped like a cross and is used to connect four pipes together. A cross either has three outlets and one inlet or three inlets and one outlet. These are made of strong materials only as they have to endure a lot of pressure.

  • Elbow:

An elbow is in the shape of a half-folded arm and is mostly female. Elbow is designed specifically to change the direction of the water by changing the direction of the piping.

  • Tee:

A tee looks like the English alphabet T and is somewhat similar to a cross. The only difference is that a cross has four openings, whereas a tee has only three openings.

  • Valve:

A valve acts as a control button for pipes; it is used to start and stop the flow of water. Many valves also have the ability to control the flow of water.