Looking for Unique, Delicious, Gastric Bypass Recipes?

Patients who have had bariatric surgery to help them lose weight, like a gastric bypass procedure, are going to need to make some changes to their lifestyles, including but not limited to their diets. While weight loss surgery can be an effective means to helping a patient deal with a problem like obesity, their help is required, and when it comes to developing a fitting diet after surgery, adherence to the guidelines set down by a surgeon or a registered dietitian is important for success.

For example, in the immediate aftermath of surgery, patients will have to follow a so-called post-op diet that will be composed of several highly-regimented portions. It will start with a clear liquid diet, during which time the patient will be permitted only to take clear liquids and supplements in small doses throughout the day. It will then progress to a full liquid diet and then to a full liquid diet, followed by a pureed food diet. The soft food diet is the final stage of the post-op diet before the adaptive diet will begin.

The adaptive diet will reintroduce solid foods, and for the most part, will be the diet the patient will need to follow for the rest of his or her life. There are some foods that should be avoided on it, this much is true, and it will also be a low-sugar, low-salt diet that is high in protein. For this reason, if for no other, it is a diet that some patients do not look to with excitement. It seems to many that a ‘gastric bypass diet’ such as this, with meal plans low in sugar and salt, would also be flavorless.

These suspicions are reasonable, but there is a lot of help out there for bariatric patients, and among that help, there are a ton of delicious and exciting providers of bariatric food and recipes, including gastric bypass recipes that will have you wondering just how they could be so enticing.

A bariatric patient doesn’t need to give up on flavor and satisfaction, despite the fact that he or she will have to make some lifestyle and consumption habits. With the right information, and knowing where to look, there are troves of great recipes to be found online that can be made easily, and at home.

For example, Bariatric Eating, at BariatricEating.com, has a ton of gastric bypass recipes that are meant to do two things – to look after a patient’s nutritional requirements while at the same time providing plenty of flavor. It’s not an easy task, but they have years of experience finding ways to deliver flavor through the constraints of a bariatric diet.

This is evident not only in their recipes that are neatly categorized according to preference and interest, such as their Mexican themed and barbecue inspired recipes but also in their protein powders and supplements. A common gripe among bariatric patients is that the protein powders they use during their post-op diet are tasteless or worse. Bariatric Eating has solved that with ease.

Their protein powders mix up readily, with no unpleasant texture, and are made using select ingredients to deliver a flavor that must be tasted to be believed. Their protein powders are made specifically for them and validated by many happy customers.

That’s the kind of motivation that drives them. They’re committed to providing a positive experience for their customers and that means coming up with new ways to craft bariatric foods and recipes that are not only adequately formulated, but also, and just as importantly, enjoyable, flavorful and satisfying. Learn more about what they do and how they do it at BariatricEating.com, where all of their bariatric recipes are published.

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