Manufacturing mannequin concept

The concept of mannequins was created to bring a sense of life and more realism to mannequins. The purpose is to provide an appearance that conveys vitality, so that the models simulate movement, so that they do not look like shop windows or beauty Inert objects in the yard.

Why was the concept of a mannequin head born?
Manufacturers of clothing, footwear and other clothing accessories are becoming more demanding, and the requirements of large-scale stores selling everything related to fashion are also becoming higher and higher, which makes the suppliers of products and tools they need must be in line with today’s market. The requirements are consistent, these requirements are getting higher and higher, including manufacturing, designing, and selling mannequins can not be exempted from these requirements.

It is precisely in this way that the word concept is well interpreted by the mannequin industry, and the direction of new creation points to the concept to meet and meet the high requirements of this market, and to maintain competitiveness.

The various terms handled in the business world, such as fashion, have an impact on everything that is developed in the world economy.

What is the current concept? This is the main reason why this wide-ranging dummies industry is betting on the concept of dummies.

The benefits of these mannequins

The adaptability of mannequins of this type in stores requires more frequent beneficial updates, which increases the joint sales of the mannequin industry and manufacturers and marketers.

Large-scale boutiques use these model concepts to increase their prestige as high-quality clothing retailers, which strengthens and enhances their value and virtue; the mannequins on display convey specimens of life, the beautiful girl’s pleasing position, and the safety of expressions, And even tender, make sure to observe with her and identify those large shops walking in front of the shop windows, who have not avoided, stop and consider her.

These are the results of carefully researched and analyzed strategies. The purpose of these works is to allow potential buyers to evaluate the works on display and convert them into sellers’ income.

Manufacturing mannequin concept

This mannequin is made of selected materials. They must be of the best quality. Impressive technological advancements have allowed the raw materials used to make the mannequins are complex, from fiberglass to advanced carbon components.

Today’s mannequins have gone from inert and lifeless works to real works of art, conveying a kind of magical vitality with great realism, which makes them the great protagonists of fashion and beauty.

They are made by real craftsmen who have a deep understanding of human anatomy and transfer this knowledge to the works they create, resulting in wonderful articulated, durable and portable works, with a kind of Simulate sports in a creative way.

Perfection at work is the key to the conceptual manufacturing of mannequins, what makes them the basic parts in the windows of the world’s greatest boutiques, and even the jealousy of those who are surprised to observe them in the showcases.


This very realistic bust mannequin is one of the artistic concept works. It perfectly simulates a truly beautiful female face with smooth skin and charming eyes. It is suitable for wigs, earrings, necklaces, scarves, necklaces and other clothing accessories. Traits.

The head 7645 of the mannequin is a controllable dimension that provides comfortable work. It measures 42 cm from the base to the top of the head and weighs about 6 pounds. Use this model and intelligence to ensure the successful sale of your articles. It is to increase the value of the product. Shown in the beauty training of this mannequin.

The creation of the realization function of the type concept of the mannequin becomes a role model. When a person observes that it is showing and thinks that this is the person he/she wants, so that the clothes, shoes, and accessories he/she wants to wear, the human body Model set, I want to look like him.