Choosing the right EV Chargers for the job

EV Chargers are very much big business nowadays. Choosing the best electric car charger for your EV can seem complicated at first. Choose one that has a cable long enough to reach the charge port of your car in any position you park it. Get a cable at least 20-feet long and from here the process of getting the right set up and solution should be easy for you as the end user. Compare commercial electric car chargepoints to find the best EV charger and work out what it is you need it to do given you are going to be the end user.

There is a lot to take into account when choosing the best commercial EV charging stations as there are so many different models now out there in the EV market all with their own technical offerings in terms of how they work and function for you as the end user. While standard cables and connections will work across a range of motors, there are other features of home EV charging points that may work best with a more bespoke type of cable though this may come at something of a price and premium for you to have this. Important factors to consider when choosing installation services for your EV charger will include how they will be able to work in your space and what outer space you may have at your property.

The most common workplace installation is a wall-mounted Type 2 7kW charger, which is compatible with most of the best-selling electric vehicles. Though Tesla is the main brand out there in the market, there are no end of other market models and brands / manufacturers also out there for the end user to now get a full EV charging point installed. Are you deciding between a 50 kW, 100 kW, or 350 kW fast electric vehicle (EV) charger? if this may be the case, this is where it may help to speak with an electrician to help assist you on making the best and correct overall choice. After all, there is a lot behind getting the best installation when it comes to EV Chargers and how they need to be fitted at your property.

Overall, electric car chargers are an intuitive and easy way to charge your electric car at home. It also means you can have a car ready to use in a clean and efficient way that will also be good too for the environment so a win-win all round. Electric car charging can take place at home, work or when you are out so there really is no limit as to what you can do and choose to have in place for you and your needs.