Mot Service – A Significant And Necessary Service To Maintain Safety And Meet Minimum Roadworthiness

As we are aware, an MOT test is an integral service, especially for countries like the UK. This test is formulated to ensure that your vehicle confronts the minutest road safety and environmental norms and principles. Each MOT test consists of a chart of standard tests and checks that are necessary and required to be conducted on every vehicle of the age three or above. This means your vehicle goes through the MOT test when it turns three years old, starting from its manufacturing date. Before then, there is no legal commitment to go through the testing.

Mot Evesham

Another way to learn about your MOT due date is by peeking at the vehicle’s V5C form, generally known as the “logbook”, which always contains the vehicle’s registration date.

This is a valid (also legal) way to deduce the vehicle’s registration date and hence know its first due date of the MOT test. Also, many people are stunned by the MOT Evesham test and a regular vehicle test. Although both the services look-alike by nature, they are quite different and cover a very different set of checklists and are needed for quite distinct reasons.

Why you need a car service

To know why you require them, it’s essential to know the right difference between a regular vehicle service and an MOT service. We already know that an MOT test is done after your vehicle turns three years old, and then every year on the same date as the previous one.

An MOT is the vehicle safety check which pursues rigorous protocols and codes set out by the DVSA and can be accomplished by a professional MOT tester. MOT involves only inspection and no replacements of any parts..

What’s the purpose of car service?

The foremost goal of this service is to maintain your vehicle, keep it moving in its nicest possible health and strengthen its life span. This regular vehicle service is advised to you by the manufacturer at regular intervals, to keep your vehicle safe and secure and to function smoothly. It is done to enhance the durability, reliability and stability of your vehicle, to keep it in an optimal condition. This service is approximately done after every six months as an interim service and a yearly service every year. Unlike an MOT test, no specific date is kept for this service.


You should ensure that your locking wheel’s key is available with you so that the vehicle mechanic can easily remove the wheels from your vehicle to execute a brake assessment as a part of your service.  In addition to this, you should always keep your vehicle’s service records updated with a full set of service stamps or the entire service history of your vehicle. This assists in enhancing your vehicle value, whenever you decide to sell it in the coming future.

All your vehicle’s MOT test records are held in an important database.So there is no need to carry your existing MOT certificate along with you.

Also, if possible, you should remove all sticker-type items. From your windshield as they may be blocking your visibility of the road.

It is not that indispensable to remove them, but you may receive a minor fault on your MOT because of them.


Explained below are some major elements that are assessed as a part of an MOT service. Also, you should maintain some pre-check tests that can be performed by anyone before an MOT test. Almost, all faults found in an MOT test are due to a lack of self-maintenance of your vehicle. So, inspecting small elements like lights, mirrors, wiper blades and so on. Can save you time and money both at the same time.

•Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment- your vehicle’s front, brake, fog, rare, indicator and registration plate lights should be rightly placed.

Further, pairs of lights should radiate the light of the same color. Shape and size and the headlight purpose should be below the horizon, to not confuse other people.

•Horn, battery, and electrical wiring- the horn should seep an endless uniform note and should be sufficiently wild to be listened to by the other drivers and individuals as well. The battery should be adequately secured and should not present any indications of leaking electrolytes. The wiring should be safe and should not be deteriorated to the point where. It is inclined to short-circuit or become disconnected.

•Steering, suspension, and brakes- the steering wheel of your vehicle should be safe and in a favorable condition. In the MOT Evesham test.

This is checked by pushing the wheel in numerous directions and examining the steering elements for any wear or destruction. Also, if your steering contains a locking appliance, then it must only lock when the engine isn’t operating.

Next, the suspension element and shock absorbers will be inspected for excessive distortion, corrosion and fractures. Make sure your brakes, pedals, and levers should be in an adequate situation and the warning lights should function appropriately.