Nature in  Dubai desert safari amazing

An experience gained in Dubai desert safari is magical and nothing comes parallel. No matter where you are in your life, this is what you need. The reason is that it will fit any criteria that you have at that moment and mold to your liking, creating your very own personalized experience.

Your experience at Dubai desert safari is not going to be a painful hike on a Monday morning under the sun where you woke up a little too ambitious. There is so much more to it. There are countless options you can pick from, with a bunch of physical activities. It is indeed a whole new world Aladin spoke about, with the very beautiful and magical point of views and scenes. When you look at other vacation spots all around the world, you will find that the things you look for in a certain trip can be found in multiple places across the world.

This can include bridges, lakes, mountains, the beach, and whatnot but what Dubai desert safari offers is like no other. This you can experience only here. One of the major selling points of this place is nature and the way it naturally incorporates into your trip. There is a lot more nature there besides the sand you will see around you. But not to discard that entirely, bear in mind, that this sand is naturally and beautifully placed in different sand dunes, that shine under the bright sun. Just like a mosaic, xerophytes scatter themselves around the place in a puzzle.

Specks of green from plants bring a little life to this place. Apart from that, you will also find that quite a few species of exotic animals reside there and call the Dubai desert safari home. These include very beautiful monitor lizards. There are also gazelles present, hopping here and there, with their beautiful horns and their vigilant stance.

It is also amusing to see wildlife there, just casually crossing your path or even sighting them at a distance for a small moment. It lifts up a person’s spirits and makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger, surrounded by so much nature.

These animals living there are also proof of the friendly nature of the place where these animals do not feel threatened by their surroundings. They live their life comfortably in Dubai desert safari and add even more beauty to the already beautiful place. They lift up your spirits and add a little more excitement to your trip.

Additions in the Desert Safari

  • Hotel get and drop-off by 4×4
  • Sand boarding
  • Desert safari dune bashing
  • Belly move, Tanoura, and Fire appear
  • Camel riding in Desert Safari
  • Henna structuring
  • Unlimited soda pops, water, tea and espresso
  • Unlimited sheesha in the Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dinner

The later 50% of the day within the Desert Safari, when the sun has set, will see you unwind in extravagance and solace in customary, yet current, desert camps. During now, one can appreciate the scrumptious nourishment that may be unfolded over the table. From crisp plates of mixed greens and organic products to Arabic espresso and geographic area flame-broiled meat, the supper will find yourself perhaps the most effective memory of the day. This within the organization of extraordinary artists playing out the customary midsection and tanoura moves for your diversion.