Payment Security Checks – How to Dismiss Customers in 3 Easy Steps

One new method of losing an online client is to inform golden dumps them that they’re not trustworthy, and probably utilized a stolen debit card to purchase.

An accountant or finance manager should put the business’ needs before any customer expectations. This includes speedy processing of orders and timely delivery. What’s the point if those troublesome gamblers leave never to come back when the benefit is eliminating payment problems?

Step 2 – Never tell the truth, or at least attempt to stay clear of it.

It is, of course quite possible that the item ordered did not exist goldendumps login in the first initial place. It is possible to place an indefinite delay to the “security” process while the item(s), are sourced. This can be an effective way of getting over this. Any communication with customers who are foolish enough to complain will be kept secret through emails. It is better to use the form for responses on the website. The provision of a telephone number to assist customers with their questions is not permitted.

Naturally, the website does not provide any information about the security process, nor the impact it has on delivery. Order cancellations will not be accepted in the event of a significant “restocking fee” regardless of whether the purchase was never delivered. Id indeed such information are posted on the site of the company the information will appear in the smallest format, buried deep in the “terms and conditions” section. This is the part in the blurb for marketing that only a few customers will read.

Step 3 – Never think about why an order is needed promptly

Thus, when the customer receives an email within a couple of days after placing the order, he’s advised that “a small amount” was credited to his bank account . It is advised that he/she is required to respond by giving the amount of that payment, in addition to the maiden name of her mother as well as the dog’s preferred snack food and the color of the underwear of his companion. When these responses are received to the satisfaction by the seller, every effort will be made for the shipment of the order in the near future. (“Yes Minister”) The followers of the group will be familiar with the expression “in the fullness and in the time”

It is important to note that even significant sellers that DO have their own stores that offer online shopping options make use of the exact “security” methods described in this rant. The financial manager’s view is quite straightforward, namely that if the product was wanted urgently, what did the shopper do but go to the “bricks and mortar” store for in the first place.