Percussion Massage Therapy – Worth It or Not?

Percussion massage therapy is a traditional and ancient technique used to help relieve muscle-related pains and issues. In that, a professional was supposed to massage the problematic body areas of the patient with the help of certain tools. What it did was that not only did it eliminate the muscle pain but also initiated proper blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation. Altogether, it really improved muscle health which directly impacted the health of the other body organs. Therefore, it was a very popular thing of its time, but with time it became sort of a hustle to take out time to visit the massage therapist. Perhaps before the admiration for percussion massage therapy could die out, the market was flooded with alternative tools that were not supposed to be used only by professionals. Anyone could use it without having any expertise, and they would work just about right exactly like percussion massage therapy, even have the same impact on your body.

Modern Tools That Have Replaced the Traditional Percussion Massage Therapy:

Where a percussion massage therapist used to use manual tools like stone, etc., now there electric massage tools have come conquered the world. It is not just the convenience that comes with using these tools but also the impact that it makes in a very short time. Convenience is one thing; earlier, one had to take out time to go to a massage therapist and get the treatment done, but not now all one has to do is to press a button and run it around your body, specifically on the most problematic areas. There are electric balls and rollers; then there are thumb tools, handheld tools, and a lot more. All of these tools mainly work on the principle of vibration, they vibrate, and when you put the vibrating part of the tool on your skin, its vibration goes deep into your muscles and relaxes them. However, there are certain things that you must know before starting to use one of these tools. Although there is no harm in using these tools frequently but applying pressure on one area for more than two minutes can cause muscle damage or bruising. Therefore, you should use it on one area for less than 2 minutes, and if that area of the skin starts turning red even before 2 minutes, then you should stop immediately as it will not relax your muscles but will make them stiffer.

How To Choose the Right Massaging Tool?

The choice of massaging tool becomes difficult when you have got so many options to choose from; do you need help? We got you, folks! Although all the tools are pretty simple to use, no hard and fast rules and instructions to follow. As a beginner, we would suggest you to start with a fasia gun, as that is a very basic gun and specifically target the myofascial fluid regulation and release, so your routine pains and tiredness will be gone in minutes. You can also get different attachments for your fasia gun from any fasia gun manufacturer and make the process even easier for yourself.