Role Of Backup Rings

Backup rings are mainly used to prevent 1772 the movement of Viton-O-rings. The ring is characterized by a rigid ring that assists to retain the position of the plastic connection in the correct place. Backup rings are used along with O’Rings. Alternatively, it can also be used along with lip seals and reciprocating shaft seals.

Back-up rings are found in various shapes, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications such as continuous, spiraled, and slotted.

Why The Shape Of The Backup Ring Is Suitable For Your Applications

Just like anything, the material of your backup ring can help you to achieve the required scalability and functionality. For dynamic, internal, and radial static applications, continuous backup rings are used. While for radial static and reciprocating applications slotted backup rings are used. And for the internal and external applications spiral backups are used.

This type of backup ring is used in those areas where temperature changes rapidly. The ring can adjust for these tolerance changes without facing any issues. So in every sense, it makes them a great and supportive backup ring.

PTFE is a material that is used to make backup rings. This material is commonly used for low to medium duty purposes. However, you should not think that it cannot be used for heavy-duty purposes. Continuous and slotted backup rings can be designed from other materials as well.

 Why Use Backup Rings?

To enhance the resilience and seal quality it is suggested to use backup rings where there is a high-pressure zone and in those areas where you need to meet large gap dimensions. It is important to remember that if you are hoping for reciprocating pressurization, you may need to use backup rings. If pressurization is affecting one side, no doubt the backup ring should be put on the non-pressurized side.

Backup rings provide a high level of recovery suitable for external sealing.

Some of the advantages which it provides are as follows:

Simple groove design

Provides chemical and thermal resistance

Available in various sizes and materials

Easy to install

Can meet large dimensional gaps

Bottom Line

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