Shaping your payments with High-Risk Merchant Account

A High-Risk Merchant Account works as a stepping stone for your high-risk business. Thus, eMerchantPro’s payment gateway services along with the merchant account services will provide a great boost to your company’s reach.

To gather the audience and the global reach for your business, your business must reach them. A payment processing channel allows you to accept the payments online and process them into your bank account. It will rotate the fund flow and the revenue will be generated for your business.

What is the role of the payment gateway in your high-risk business?

A High-Risk Merchant Account holder is always in need of a payment gateway. A Payment Processing Channel helps in credit card processing and accepting various currencies around the world.

The richness in the features counters all the barriers that come your way. eMerchantPro’s payment processing channel has :

  1. Multi-currency and language support: Local language and currencies form a soft corner in the hearts of your consumer. Therefore, providing them the convenience to pay and read in their local currency and language enhances the consumer experience of your business. It converges your business idea to the consumer base and their experience to complete the payments.

  2. Secure Environment: A payment gateway from a trusted PSP allows a safer environment for all transactions around the globe. A payment gateway must be PCI DSS Compliant and contain the valid SSL Certification to keep the data security on point. Moreover, there are two major types of payment gateway that puts safety on the priority list:

  • 3DS: a 3-Domain Secure payment gateway is the one that generates an OTP for the completion of payment.

  • Non-3DS: a Non-3 Domain Secure lacks the OTP but enhances the speed of payment.

  1. Global Card Saving Capabilities: A feature that exponentially boosts the consumer experience. A consumer can save their payment details for future use. It helps a person to swiftly pay for a good or service the next time they pay through our payment gateway. The Return Customer Base will see a definitive upward trend for your business.

  2. Tokenization: According to the recent rules, the global card saving feature needs to be tokenized for the betterment of the consumers. Therefore, our tokenization feature comes in handy for your business. It is another safety feature that will feature a token for the transaction data to the consumers. The token can be used for payments in the future.

  3. Easy Checkout: Redirections have been recorded as of the major turn-offs for consumers around the world. People tend to leave a payment midway if they see redirections on the payment gateway. Our single-window payment gateway ensures that the payment is completed without any redirections to another page. We prefer that the consumers feel the ease of payment right on their fingertips.

  4. Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management: Frauds and chargebacks are a part of the high-risk businesses around the world. Therefore, the prevention of fraud allows your business to excel in the market. Our high-tech fraud prevention tools keep the fraudsters far away from your website.

On the other hand, you have chargebacks. With our powerful dashboard, managing the chargebacks is easy. You can automate the responses or critically check on the chargeback yourself through a single window.

  1. Modes of payment: Modes of payment are always necessary for a business to deal with a larger audience. Therefore, our payment gateway has multiple modes of payment such as debit and credit card processing, eWallets, eChecks, Net Banking, CryptoCurrency, etc. These are some of the modes of payment that our payment gateway supports.

The features that govern the payment processing channel for your business are present with us.

What benefits can you yield when you choose eMerchantPro for the business?

We come into your business with lots and lots of benefits. The best parts of choosing us are:

  • Complete Assistance to Merchants: No matter if the merchants are in need of a merchant account or a payment gateway we treat your high-risk business with the best care. The features are loaded and you will be enjoying the payment gateway on your website quickly.

  • Easy and Quick Integration: Integration through API, SDK, and other plugins ensure that the payment gateway is up and going in the shortest period of time.

  • 24 x 7 support: We understand that there can be barriers in the business and it is true for payment processing as well. Therefore a High-Risk Merchant Account service that eMerchantPro offers, comes with expert support from our professional team.

  • Global Reach: The payment gateway will allow you to reach a global audience without any hassle. Reaching the global audience with a multi-currency and language-supported payment gateway will gain a better place for your business.

Closing it in


That brings us to the close of the blog. However, High-Risk Merchant Account by eMerchantPro comes with tonnes of features and benefits for your business. Reaching a better audience is quite easy with our expert services. Reach Out to Us and we will take care of all the business dealings from then onwards.