Best Pillow For Cervical Pain – Memory Foam Pillow

Are you always complaining about back and neck pain when you wake in the morning? Is it often that you spend sleepless nights tossing and turning in your bed? Well, you are not the only one with this complaint.

According to the experts, two-thirds of people complain about uneasy sleep. Probably your sleeping posture is not right. Or more your pillow is not right.

Back pain is not the only one contributing to sleepless nights. Sometimes, it is also neck pain or if I say it in medical terms – cervical pain. If you are also suffering from neck pain or cervical pain, you should consider changing your pillow.

Usually, most people in middle age complain about neck pain. But the complaint is not limited to this age group.  Anyone, of any age, can suffer from cervical pain. Another major reason for your neck pain can be your sleeping posture.

For example, if you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach, your neck is on either of the sides and the pressure is on the arched back. The only solution to this problem is choosing the right foam pillow for neck pain relief.

Experts recommend using a memory foam pillow that supports the curve of the neck. A foam pillow for cervical pain ensures that while sleeping your neck is in the right position and prevent any strain on the muscle or spine.

Now the question is…..

How To Choose The Best Pillow For Neck Pain Relief?

When it comes to cervical pain, the best suggestion given by the doctors is to use an orthopaedic pillow or a memory foam pillow. These pillows are the best solution and have time and again proven to be a comfortable pillow for cervical pain.

But if you ask our opinion, we would always recommend the UrbanBed memory foam pillow.

A quick brief about UrbanBed memory foam pillow will definitely give you the idea of choosing the best pillow for neck pain relief.

UrbanBed Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow

The foam pillow is specifically designed to address the cervical pain problem. It is super soft, gives the perfect support to your neck and prevents any strain on the spine.

The memory foam orthopedic pillow is filled with foam which automatically adjusts to the neck curves. And this pillow is also one of the most recommended pillows for cervical pain by the doctors. Contour shaped pillow for cervical pain is the best solution to your neck pain problem.

The memory foam pillow is gel-infused, that is durable and keeps the temperature cool throughout the night. Contour shaped pillow for cervical pain offered by UrbanBed is fit for all types of sleepers.

Benefits Of Memory Foam Pillow

One of the major benefits of using the memory foam pillow is, it solves the neck pain problem permanently. Some other benefits of using contour shaped memory foam and orthopaedic pillow are:

  1. Superior head and neck support.
  2. Promotes healthy spinal alignment
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Luxury comfort
  5. Retains its shape
  6. May reduce snoring
  7. It can help with sleep apnea.
  8. Reduces pressure on the joints.
  9. Orthopaedic
  10. Temperature-sensitive

What should you look for, while buying a memory foam pillow for cervical pain?

Some of the things to keep in mind while buying a foam pillow for cervical pain are:

The Pillow Size: Contour shaped pillow comes in different sizes, however, it is recommended to go for the standard size.

The Pillow Firmness: the selection of the firmness of the pillow depends on your head weight. You should buy a firm memory foam pillow if your head weighs heavy.

The Pillow Filling: contour shaped pillow for cervical pain can have two types of filling – shredded memory foam and solid memory foam.

Sleeping Position: sleeping position also contributes to the selection of pillow for cervical pain. A memory foam pillow is best for back and side sleepers.

Thinking of finally saying goodbye to your neck pain? The right decision will be to shop for UrbanBed Pillow. You very much deserve a calm and peaceful sleep, and we are more than happy to deliver you a happy dreamy sleep.  Also, grab the latest info on Buy Mattress Online, only at urbanbed.