Guide On How to Select the Right Conveyor Machine

Lately, conveyor machines have been receiving a lot of hype in almost every sector, for they double the efficiency and make things so much better in the best way possible. For instance, in every manufacturing industry, stuff needs to be moved from one piece of equipment to another equipment all the time. One can employ labor for carrying stuff, but that reduces productivity as it takes up a lot of time for the delivery to transport a product safely from one place to the other. Besides that, not every product is that easy to be moved by labor as under any circumstance, the life of the labor can be endangered, or the product can be damaged. Therefore, the industrial sector needs to have conveyor machines for they can do it all for them in a fraction of time than it takes for the labor and without any consequences. However, as we know, every industry is different; therefore, every industry is going to need a different type of conveyor machine. For that reason, there are a dozen distinctively different types of conveyor machines; every industry needs to find theirs. With that being said, we have decided to help you in this regard. 

Things to Consider Before Getting a Conveyor Machine

Every exporter of conveyor machine will try to get you the best conveyor machine; however, the best machine might not be suitable for you. For instance, a large conveyor machine that takes up a lot of space might be the best in its functionality, but that machine will be a waste of money if you have a minimal industrial setup. Therefore, you need to do some homework beforehand to know which machine will suit your industry; by all means, compare your options and get your conveyor machine. The first thing to consider in this regard is for what purpose do you need the conveyor machine? Do you want to move stuff? Do you want to store stuff on it? Or any other purpose. Thus, that will determine what options you can consider and which will suit your purpose the best. You also need to consider where the size of the machine you are choosing to get will fit in the space you have; otherwise, it will just get in the way of other operations and reduce productivity instead of increasing it.

Standard Options in Conveyor Machines

Although there are a dozen of different types of conveyor machines available in the market for you. The more the options, the more overwhelming it becomes to choose one that will best suit your industry. Therefore, we have listed down some common types of conveyor machines that are useful for almost every kind of industry.

Belt Conveyor Machine

The belt conveyor machine is the simplest type of conveyor machine; it is the one you commonly see in all the industrial sectors. It has a belt that moves and reduces the need for human effort. The speed of the belt can be altered according to the need. However, it is only good for moving stuff but not for being used as a working station. This is the cheapest option available among conveyor machine options. 

Gravity Roller Conveyor Machine

The gravity roller conveyor machine is almost as simple as the belt conveyor machine, and both are nearly structured the same. However, unlike the belt conveyor machine, this one doesn’t have a belt but has a series of rollers mounted at regular intervals. As these rollers start rolling, the product is gravitated to move in that side and is thus transported from one place to another. This is also very economical to purchase.

Chain Conveyor Machine

The chain conveyor machine is best used for moving heavy stuff as it is built to do that without causing any destruction. However, one cannot simply place any box or item on it as it only provides two to three contact points. Therefore, things like pallets and industrial containers are used to carry stuff on them. This might be slightly expensive but can provide great productivity in transporting heavy-weight stuff.