Solving the Problem of “Greenish” LED Fog Light Bulbs

Have you found yourself captured by the spell of automotive LED lights? Many have been. They draw less energy, taxing the electrical system of a vehicle less. They last for much longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs. They are less susceptible to extreme temperatures and conditions. The list goes on. This is just beginning.

If you answered yes to the first question, you would not be alone. Many like you have come to feel the same way about the glaring (no pun intended) virtues of LED bulbs for cars, trucks and other vehicles. You can invest in and upgrade to LED light bars for auxiliary, off-road lighting, switch out your interior lights or even upgrade your turn signals, side markers, running lights, tail and brake lights, and even your fog lights.

Speaking of fog lights, you’ll have no trouble finding LED fog light bulbs for cars. They’re one of the more common replacements that you can make, partially because there are so many plug and play options for making upgrades and replacements.

There’s a catch with some of them, though. If you’ve ever made a quick fix and replaced your factory fog lights with LED fog light bulbs and thought, “Wait a minute, something’s not quite right here,” then this article may find you well.

Was the problem, perhaps, that the lights were emitting a greenish-yellow light, instead of a true yellow light? A rich, deep yellow is not only functional – it looks very appealing on a vehicle and gives a classic air. That odd, off yellow-green that some automotive LED fog lights produce leaves something to be desired.

The problem stems from the manner in which the manufacturer has created the “yellow” light in the first place. Many producers create this yellow light by covering the LED chip with a tinted lens. In this case, the lens would take on a yellow tint. With the light switched off, the lens looks like a rich, pure yellow. You wouldn’t be able to anticipate any issues.

Suddenly, when you switch on the light, it’s a dastardly green! The problem here is not the lens, but in the chip itself. For whatever reason, many producers make LED chips that do not produce a true white light. With the light switched on and uncovered by a lens, these appear to be a stark, cool white.

They are attractive, but the problem is that this white is corrupted by the influence of blue light. The blue light in the “white” light is hard for the eye to detect, but when you cover the chip with that yellow lens, it becomes more apparent. The blue and yellow lights mix, producing that unpleasant green color.

Lucky for you, there’s a quick and easy fix for this. Just get the right LED fog light bulbs from the start and you’ll never have to experience it. Visit Diode Dynamics for innovative options for LED fog light replacement, like their Stage Series Fog Lamps.

These lights also use a yellow lens to produce their deep amber color, but in this instance, the light output is a true yellow. The difference here is that the LED chips that Diode Dynamics uses in their SS3 light pods mentioned above is a true, pure white. When you cover it with a yellow lens, you don’t get any “blue” influence mentioned previously. The result is a dazzling, impressive, deep yellow, that is perfect through cutting through inclement weather at low speeds.

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