Staffing vs. Recruiting: What’s the Difference?

When you first start a small business, you might be able to get away with running it on your own without any help. But as your business grows, you’ll inevitably need to begin to bring in employees to lend a hand.

The average small business has right around ten employees. But it’s not out of the ordinary at all for small businesses to eventually grow to the point where they have hundreds and sometimes even thousands of employees.

Once you begin hiring employees for your small business, you’ll need to know the differences between staffing vs. recruiting. It’ll ensure that you always take the correct approach to find the right employees for your business.

Keep reading to learn about what sets staffing and recruiting apart.

What Is Staffing?

When you first start bringing employees on board to work for your business, you might not need them to be specialists. Instead, you’ll need them to handle a bunch of basic and straightforward tasks so that you don’t have so much on your plate.

This is when staffing is going to benefit you. Staffing refers to the act of filling open positions with qualified candidates in your area. Oftentimes, small businesses will use a staffing agency to help them fill these positions.

What is a staffing agency? Well, it’s essentially an agency that specializes in screening people who want jobs and finding positions that make the most sense for them.

If you need to hire, say, people to work in your warehouse, choosing staffing vs. recruiting and going through a staffing agency is going to be a great idea.

What Is Recruiting?

Like staffing, recruiting refers to filling the open positions that your small business has. But rather than sitting back and waiting for people to apply for these positions, you’re going to be getting out there and actively trying to find them and recruit them to work for you.

You can do this yourself if you want. But you can also rely on a recruiting agency, which is also sometimes called a headhunting agency.

What is a recruiting agency? It’s an agency that has headhunters who do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting the best possible candidates to work for your company. They’ll know how to recruit employees who would be a good fit for you.

This headhunter should be able to assist you in tracking down the perfect person to fill a position within your small business.

Make Sure You Understand the Differences Between Staffing Vs. Recruiting

Whether you choose to go with recruiting or staffing, you’ll be able to fill the open positions that you have. But you should really be aware of the differences between staffing vs. recruiting so that you feel more confident in the people that you hire.

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