Ten Telltale Signs that it’s Time to Call in the Electrician

It’s no news that emergencies and faults develop in every home system in a lot of Australian homes. And while some can be handled as they come, others faults especially those related to electricity are best left in the hands of a professional Wollongong electrician

But you can only call in the electrician when you notice the complication. What happens when you don’t even discover the fault in time? Here’s a pretty good idea of what might happen. Your entire house becomes more susceptible to a fire outbreak or even worse, your children go near the faulty equipment risking electrocution.

However, you can avoid all these ‘ghastly’ situations by reading this blog, paying more attention to your electronics and calling in electricians like ours when necessary. 

Here are ten telltale signs it’s high time you called your electrician. 

The fuse keeps blowing

If this happens once, then there’s nothing really to worry about. To fix this on a one-time basis, just follow the procedures below:

  • Turn off the power to the fuse box. 
  • Find the box. 
  • Identify the broken fuse and replace it. 

The above solution, however, is only applicable when this happens for the first time. If you replace the fuse and the new one keeps blowing up, then you need to call in your Wollongong electrician as fast as you can. A faulty fuse is a potential fire hazard so you should act quickly.

The lights keep flickering

Flickering lights, though usually taken lightly could mean there’s a problem with your internal electrical system. 

If this happens less often, by the way, it may just be the lights needing a change. Nonetheless, you should call in your electrician if this happens with recently replaced light bulbs.

You notice sparks in your appliances

Sparks in your appliances is never a good thing. You should call the electrician right away if noticed. You’re putting your entire family in danger if you don’t.

Your old wiring is finally acting up

 If your house has been on the ground for more than 15 years, then it’s high time you got your wiring checked out by a professional electrician. 

Old buildings have wiring that’s not always up to code. For your safety and the safety of your family, hire a professional to make the necessary adjustments and update your home wiring to be within the latest building codes.

You experience a lot of power surges when turning on heavy appliances

Your air conditioner, your fridge, your washing machine are all appliances which chow up a lot of power when in use. As a result, you might experience a power surge. If you live in a house that’s more than ten years old, this is more likely. You might want to call in the electrician to update the wiring.

But, if your home is a ‘young’ house, then you need to make a call right away. 

You notice a light switch that doesn’t turn on any lights

If you come in contact with a light switch like this, then you might want to call in the electrician. Why? That’s because the light switch might be left there by a previous owner during a DIY repair attempt. The light switch could also house cut wiring that could pose dangerous in the future.

On the other hand, it might also be an innocent attempt by your builder at a planned outlet for future use. Whichever the case may be, make sure your electrician gets wind of your every step.

You receive a shock when you touch any electrical system surfaces in your home

This shouldn’t happen in any healthy electrical system. However, if you find yourself getting shocked (even if it’s a mild one) more often while interacting with your electrical system, it’s high time you called in your electrician to take a look at things for you.

If you don’t nip this problem in the bud, then you risk having a fire outbreak. Call us today and thank us later.

You notice rust or moisture near an electrical outlet

You should be familiar with the well-known saying that water and electricity don’t mix. An outlet showing signs of rust needs replacement. An electrician Thirroul would know to clean the entire area of the outlet and also replace the whole outlet.

You may try doing this yourself. However, you could risk breaking a connection between your mains and other outlets (electric outlets are always connected). A professional would never put your electrical system at risk.

You hear buzzing sounds in the walls

Light electrical buzzing in the walls could be a sign of a wiring issue. When noticed, calling the electrician is the only option available to you. DO NOT try troubleshooting or even fixing the problem yourself. 

Our team of professionals can get this fixed in no time. 

Installing outlets or appliances in untouched areas

Replacing an already existing appliance can be done yourself. You don’t have to call in the cavalry just to install a ceiling fan right? This should be the case if you’re just replacing the appliance alone without creating any new electric outlets.

Notwithstanding, you’d need to call in the electrician if a new electrical outlet is needed. NEVER install new outlets yourself. Doing this could violate local building codes as well as put your property at risk.

The truth, however, remains there are very few situations where it makes sense to do the repairs yourself. Even in situations like that, you may want to call your professional Wollongong electrician now and then. If you need professional for your electrical problems and you reside around Wollongong or Thirroul, Australia, then you’re in luck. Give us a call, we’ll get our team to your location in no time.