Ten Things About Dhow Cruise Marina You Have To Experience Yourself

Dubai has a brilliant story of modern transformations. It started its journey from barren land and then grew into an exciting city with an incredible skyline and giant skyscrapers making it among the top tourism hub of the world.

Natural water bodies are quite tricky to find in this city of gold, but you can explore the Dubai Marina which is an artificial canal district and modern town with luxury yachts and magical boats nearby. This favorite trip of the cruises attracts the visitors to the town allowing you to enjoy a brilliant trip with a mouthwatering dinner on an Arabic Style boat.

Soothe your soul and flatten your taste bud on this lovely trip with a romantic ambiance with a perfect escape from the busy city life. You won’t find such enjoyment anywhere else in the city.

Do experience the wonderful dhow cruise to enjoy to the fullest in your Dubai visit. Take a dhow cruise marina and appreciate the new Dubai landmarks. This trip offers a fantastic way of enjoying this city. Witness the colorful and cheerful views at the night of the colorful buildings when the town is blanketed with darkness. You can also witness the lovely sight of Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah with the Dubai Marina cruising.

1. Awesome and Beautiful Sights:

You will be overwhelmed with the outstanding views and say ‘WOW’ now and then. Do experience this trip if the vastness of nature profoundly inspires you and you will be cheerful as the glorious views of the luxurious architecture amaze you.

This dream tour features massive and huge buildings which will make you forget all your worries and enjoy the beauty. Evening and night times are the best to enjoy this trip as it allows you to explore the beautifully decorated cruises and fascinatingly lit buildings.

Enjoy sightings of the amazing charms and constructs of the city as you pass through the canals and under the bridges. You can see many commercial buildings relaxing on your cruise and away from stress.

2. Delicious Food:

Tempt your taste buds with wonderful international dishes and a wide array of amazing cuisines. Food is one of the most favorite attractions of the dhow curse that urges people to book this trip. You can choose from amazing international and Arabian dishes and famous cuisine from all over the world. The sumptuous buffet dinner makes it a brilliant place for fine dining. This buffet meal is prepared to keep in mind the high rating 5-star standard. You are allowed to ask for a special diet or vegetarian food, and your request will be catered to soon.

Enjoy the exquisite food on the cruise. You can also opt for a candlelight dinner with your loved ones. Many people choose the Dubai dhow cruise dinner as it allows them to have a delicious meal along with the unmatchable pleasure and sightseeing.

3. Feel like Royals:

See Dubai with all its glory and feel the gentle flow of the traditional wooden boat on the water. Enjoy and feel like royals with the best service and fantastic entertainment by the traditional people. You can spend quality time on both upper and lower decks, and don’t need to come to the place of food as everything will be served to you at your table. The cruise sizes can also be customized according to your special events and requirements, and the professional team of the cruise will give their best to make it a memorable day for you.

4. Host Events:

Dhow cruise is a perfect solution for hosting different and big corporate events. Some significant events like birthdays and weddings can be efficiently organized here. Mix the professional life with pleasure by organizing corporate events at dhow cruise.

5. Well Equipped and Magically Decorated Dhows:

Dhows are traditional boats that were used in the olden time for trading. They were used to carry heavy products between Arab states and different favorite countries of the world. These boats played a vital role in the olden years and now are re-purposed for tourism. The dhow cruises have recreation units, glass wall units, and many sources of entertainment which gives the visitor a memorable time during their journey.

6. Entertainment:

Evening entertainment is also included in such packages. The live entertainment programs enhance the romantic atmosphere, the belly dance is lovely, and the people also appreciate the impressive Tanura dance. A male dancer performs the Tanura and creates interesting sights by spinning in a beautifully decorated dress.

The puppet show is now also a bit common on a dhow. All these shows will give you a beautiful experience, ensure you a fun-filled day and brighten your face with joy on the cruise.

7. Fully Airconditioned Lower Deck:

You will be delighted by the rousing welcome in an Arabic seek in this deck. The lower deck is perfect for private gatherings and spacious dining. Dine in the air-conditioned deck and have a wonderful time with your friends.

8. Upper Open Air Deck:

There is an open-air arrangement on the upper deck where you can witness the lovely views and the serenity of the night. You will have complete access to both the floors and can enjoy anywhere you desire. The delightful sights of Dubai look more lovely from the open upper deck of the dhow cruise.

9. Soft Background Music:

Background music is a boost and improves the quality of the work you do. Studies show that synthesizer music with a narrow tonal range will help you relax and increase your overall performance on many cognitive tasks. The soft music will make you pumped up and inspire actions.

Listening to music is not only entertaining but is an excellent source of contentment and pleasure too. The soft background music on the cruise will elevate your mind and relax your body reducing stress. You will feel better with inner peace and thoughts. This relaxing music will remove anxiety and make your mood cheerful.

10. Flexibility in Operation:

You can easily have an enjoyable time in the Dhow cruise marina whether you come in the morning or evening. There is much flexibility, and you can do all that you desire. Visit the marina during the daytime if you want to enjoy sightseeing and take lovely snaps. You can opt for an evening cruise too if you intend to have some entertainment with the cruise dinner. Avoid being in the open deck during the afternoon as it’s a bit hotter that time.


Cruise on the Palm Jumeirah and enjoy the buffet dinner and fantastic entertainment services. This relaxing 2-3 hour tour of the Dhow cruise with international treats is a perfect way to experience something unusual. Dubai Marina is a hub of restaurants, luxury shopping, and crafts markets.

Boarding on the magical cruise is lovely since that will make you feel like home-away-from-home and urge you to visit this mystical place again and again. Head over to the curses to have an out-of-the-box dining experience. The top-notch decor, cruise ambiance, beautiful sights, food, and fantastic live entertainment shows will satisfy you, and you will desire to enjoy this dinner again for sure.