The Best BigCommerce SEO Expert For Your Digital Marketing Needs

The value you get out of certain marketing agencies can differ substantially depending on what their specialties are or how much experience their team has with handling competitive markets. When planning your digital marketing strategy for your BigCommerce store, you want to make sure you are investing in a team that has the skills and experience necessary in order to get you ranking on page one.

The right BigCommerce SEO expert will not only help put together a results-driven SEO campaign for your business, they will also be able to address any of your other digital marketing and eCommerce development needs as well. To truly make inroads on Google, you need an agency that actually has prior experience working with stores on BigCommerce and helping them rank higher than their competitors.

Why a BigCommerce Agency in Particular?
While SEO doesn’t change all that much depending on which eCommerce platform you are on, knowledge of the platform in question matters. The agency that you select should understand how to perform custom development on BigCommerce and dive right into the dashboard, knowing it in and out. You don’t want someone who is only familiar with WordPress mucking around in your BigCommerce backend, do you?

An agency that is not eCommerce savvy is not going to be able to provide you the same kind of experience as one that has worked with a multitude of BigCommerce merchants and helped them succeed through a well-crafted SEO campaign. There is a fundamental difference between ordinary SEO and eCommerce SEO as well, which necessitates a greater degree of experience, keyword research, competitor analysis, and attention to detail in all aspects of the campaign.

When selling products online, you’re going up against hundreds of other stores and vendors trying to sell the same things, or similar products in your niche. When the competition is that tight, SEO becomes a whole lot harder. You need an expert that can accurately find the appropriate keyword opportunities and build a rock-solid campaign around this information, and on top of that, they need the technical expertise to actually manage the campaign itself.

If you are a store owner on BigCommerce, the digital marketing agency you select should have a deep understanding of BigCommerce, as well as eCommerce in general, otherwise you could be wasting your time. With a sound background in BigCommerce, such a marketing team would be able to easily navigate your backend, perform important technical tasks, and manage your campaign with ease. They would also be better equipped to help in other areas of your business, such as development and design.

A BigCommerce SEO Expert That Knows How to Get Results
You need a professional team of skilled SEO specialists in order to get real results in today’s online marketplace. Genius eCommerce® is the agency you need if you want reliable BigCommerce marketing services of this caliber.

Genius eCommerce® are BigCommerce SEO experts that have quite a reputation for ranking online stores just like yours. Regardless of the market or the products, they know how to perform the necessary keyword research in order to craft a strong foundation for your campaign. From there, they use a combination of technical adjustments and engaging content creation in order to improve how Google sees your website.

Proper search engine optimization doesn’t magically fall out of the sky. You might get lucky for a few years, but Google refines their algorithms more every year, which means all the cream is rising to the top. If you don’t take the necessary steps now to ensure your BigCommerce store will prosper, you might get left behind. Contact Genius eCommerce® today if you want to meet Google’s standards and snag those page one rankings.

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