The Cost of a 2 Carat Diamond: Understanding the Average Price

While shopping for the best engagement ring, you probably want to choose something great. Most couples select diamond rings for their grand events. There are 2 carat diamond rings which make the standard of calls high. These rings are big and make an impact, though. The elegance, brightness, and grace of these rings are unrivaled. You may never hear anyone not wanting a 2 carat diamond ring. However, people often take a step back from 2 carat diamonds due to their hefty prices. The average price of 2 carat diamond could range from 5000 to 50000 dollars. It could also be confusing to compute the actual cost of this diamond since it depends on several factors. Please read this post to the end to learn about the cost of 2 carat diamonds and the elements influencing them.

Diamond cost calculator – easy way to compute the diamond price

The price of a diamond is often considered the deciding factor in buying the ring. While visiting a jewelry store, you will first ask about the cost of the call regardless of your choice and preferences. Also, when you compare 1 carat diamond vs. 2 carat, you may find an astounding difference in cost. This could depend on the diamond’s shape, color, clarity, cut, and fluorescence. Suppose you have selected a round-shaped diamond with G color grade and SI1 clarity. Diamonds with these features would come with an average price of 18500 $. However, the price may decrease or increase depending on the size of the diamond. Using a diamond price calculator can make the calculation faster and easier. But it is vital to know what makes 2 carats costlier than 1 carat.

The average price of 2 carat diamond on the basis of weight

Most people often confuse the cost of diamonds due to their carat weight and size. But a carat is not the actual size of the diamond. It is only a weight unit used to measure a diamond’s size. This creates chaos while computing the diamond price. You cannot say that the size of 2 carat diamond would be double that of 1 carat. The Carat of the diamond ring is actually about the central stone of the ring. One Carat is equal to 200 mg, so a 2 carat diamond would be 400 mg in size. The shape and cut quality of the diamond makes it appears bigger. Therefore, choosing 2 carat diamonds with slight inclusions and noticeable errors will cost 8000 or less. But a ring with flawless appearance, perfect cut, and tameness may cost up to 50k dollars.

What makes 2 carats more expensive than 1 carat?

It is undoubtedly true that the worth of a diamond depends on its 4 C’s, which are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Carat weight is an essential factor that can influence the cost of diamonds. As the diamond size increases in carat weight, it becomes rare. It is also challenging for jewelers to cut a diamond in 2 carat size than smaller stones. Thus, it adds to the overall cost of a diamond for 2 carat stone than 1 carat. Let’s understand the cost difference with an example below.
At first glance, the cost comparison of 1 carat diamond vs 2 carat may seem puzzling. If the cost of 1 carat diamond is 5000, then the price of 2 carats would not be 10000. But the cost of the diamond would depend on the rarity of the diamond. An average cost of 1 carat would be 6000 with ideal cut and clarity. Applying the same features, the average cost for 2 carat diamond may increase to 20000 dollars. All of it depends on the increase in the diamond’s carat weight, not the stone’s size.

Understand the 4 C’s of 2-carat diamonds

As you know that diamond carat and size are different terms. So, now is the time to understand the 4 C’s of 2 carat diamond. These considerations of diamond selection are essential to consider the average cost. So, let’s take an expression at them one by one below.

1. Cut off 2 carat diamond.

Diamonds are cut with carat weight only, so choosing the right cut is the primary thing. It can impact how the diamond looks. You can take an example of a brilliant round cut, an ideal diamond cut. A 2 carat diamond would have a table surface of 8.19×8.19 mm. Likewise, the table surface for diamonds could be different from other cuts.

2. Clarity of 2 carat diamond

Diamond clarity is considered an important thing that can impact its overall cost. Diamond clarity refers to the inclusions and blemishes present in the diamond. The clarity grades of 2 carat diamonds range from Internally Flawless (IF) to inclusion Experts say VS1 is the best clarity grade to choose with a diamond. It has tiny inclusions that the naked eye cannot view. The maximum clarity rating with a reasonable budget could be VVS2 which provides no inclusions to the naked eye.

3. Setting the average price of 2 carat diamond with a color grade.

To compute the price of 2 carats with color grading, you must choose from G to I range. It ranges from D to Z, which refers to colorless to fainted yellow or brownish diamond tones. You can prefer G to I color grading at a reasonable cost, which is less costly than D to F grading. As you choose color grading below D, the price with be lower. But for the rating above G, the cost of diamonds will be higher.

How to buy 2 carat diamond on a reasonable budget?

1. Make a quality compromise.

You can reduce the price of 2 carats by making a quality compromise. This would undoubtedly make an impact on the 4 C’s of the diamond. But the average cost may reduce by up to 10 to 15 percent. Also, consider reducing the carat weight of the diamond. For example, the diamond with 1.9 ct. It could cost less than 2 ct.

2. Consider the fancy-colored diamond

Brown, yellow, and grey colored diamonds often match well with gold jewelry. The cost of 1 carat diamond vs 2 car at can be figured out with color grading. The cost of fancy colored 2 carat diamonds will be less expensive than colorless grades.

3. Choose lab-grown diamonds

For low-cost choice, you can prefer lab-grown diamonds to natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are far less costly than natural diamonds and can deliver the same luster. 

To sum up

If you are looking for 2 carat diamond for your love, don’t waste time. It would help if you visited the right experts to grab the best deal for 2 carat diamond ring. You can make a bid online to compute the average price of 2 carat diamond using a diamond price calculator. However, the essential thing is to understand how the cost of 2 carat diamond is considered. It’s not about the size of the diamond but depends on its carat weight.