The Most Durable and Environment-Friendly Geo Textile Bags

Geo Textile bags are made from permeable fabrics which are generally associated with soil. It constitutes the ability to separate the drain, protect and reinforce. These types of bags are produced from polypropylene or polyester material. Normally these are available in three types Heat Bonded, Needle Punched and Woven. When the Geo Textile Bags were introduced then multiple products like Meshes, Geo grid were also developed.

Geo Textile Bags come with higher durability and the materials which are used to manufacture these bags are regarded as geosynthetic. Every configuration of these bags consists of geonet, geogrid, geotextile tubes and geosynthetic clay liners. This has huge benefits in geotechnical design and environmental engineering.

What are the Types of Geo Textile Bags?

There are two types of Geo Sandbags or Geotextile Bags. These bags have a variety of applications for different purposes. All of these bags hold a strong protection layer which raises the resistance against UV and also protects from any type of damage. These kinds of bags are known to be Soil Containers which are normally available in the form of bags. Which are made from geotextile woven or woven fabric.

These sandbags are recognized by various names like Woven/Non-Woven Geo Bags, Geotextile Sand Container, Sand bag and Geotextile Bag. The Geotextile Bags are made in two types which we have mentioned below.

Woven Geo Textile Fabrics

These types of bags are manufactured by either interlacing rounded or flat strands of different types of materials at the right intersections.

Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics

These types of Geotextile bags are produced by needle-punching where webs of fibrous are pushed by barbed needles of different types of materials. Then repeating action enables the production of permeable materials. This is also considered as filter textiles.

What are the Advantages of Geotextile Bags?

There are many advantages of Geo textile bags. Some of the main advantages are mentioned below.


These bags are considered best for providing ideal protection from the deterioration of reiterated drawdown. Also protects from Wave Current and Wave Action. It is very easy to place a covering of these sandbags for the precluding of the leaching of quality material. It fulfills the best purpose for rock beaching and mattress structures. It can be done very conveniently by placing them underwater.


These underwater sandbags are very good for collecting superfluous water from structures like rainwater or surplus from the fertile soil and discharging it.


These types of bags promote the prevention of two layers of the soil of various ranges of particle sizes from mixing it with other types of layers.


These bags are best suitable for reversed filtration in the soil and it is adjoining to the Geo textile. Fine particles are available in every type of soil which are allowed to move properly.


Heavy Geo textiles are normally used for reinforcing earth structures for filling materials. Due to the higher coefficient of soil fabric friction. This also holds higher tensile strength and they are also considered suitable for reinforcement solutions.

What are the Applications of Geo textile bags?

As we have understood what are the Geo textile bags and what are their advantages. Now we will know its applications.

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Environmental Protection
  • Construction of Wetland
  • Conservation of Water
  • River Engineering
  • Slope Protection
  • Offshore Breakwater
  • Garden Scape
  • Control of Erosion
  • Coastal Reclamation
  • Protection from Flood

What are the Specifications of these Bags?

There are a few specifications of this kind of bag which we have mentioned below.

  • Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of these bags are up to 126 mg and the size of this bag can be adjusted as per the requirements of the Customers.

  • Standard Size

The standard size of these bags ranges from 1.03 meters to 0.7 meters.

  • Material

Woven/Non-Woven Geotextile Bags with the help of meltdown extrusion of fabric procedure.

What are the Functions of Geo textile bags?

The finest quality Sandbags are properly sealed and filled with soil. These bags also consist of good strength and have a longer life. Some of the major functions of these bags are followed.

  • These bags serve as the most effective filters which would catch different materials to prevent the drain from jamming.
  • These bags help to drain the areas of water pools by keeping the soil in its proper place.
  • In various places like Beaches and Roads, these bags protect and establish the guard against erosion.
  • These Sandbags help the separation of different layers of materials and also keep them from sinking or disintegrating into each other.

These bags can be used in Riverbank, Beach Protection and Breakwater.

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