The secrets to perfecting your candle packaging

Quality packaging is crucial for the success of your candles. This is because packaging affects your brand’s image, the presentation of the candles, and the unboxing experience as well. Furthermore, customers judge every product, including candles, based on the packaging.

Nevertheless, apart from the packaging’s aesthetic, it is also necessary to focus on keeping the candles safe and sound. Now, designing such boxes may seem like a daunting task. However, this is not the case at all. By taking the right steps, you can also create exceptional Candle boxes for your candles. So, read this till the end to learn the secrets to perfect candle packaging.

Ensure safe delivery of your candles
custom lotion boxes

Keeping the candles safe and out of harm’s way is one of the top concerns for every manufacturer. Not only does this decrease loss, but it also ensures customer satisfaction as well. Therefore, to create sturdy boxes, it is crucial to choose a suitable material for them. The durable material will keep the candles secure and maintain the shape and design of the box. Thus, the boxes will look as good as new for a longer time. Additionally, every packaging company offers different materials, so you can choose any material that suits you best.

Cardstock is one of the top choices when it comes to candle packaging boxes wholesale. This is because cardstock is an affordable material that can be used to create strong boxes. Furthermore, you can also make use of corrugated material as well. Corrugated material is thick and keeps the candles safe during transportation as well. Additionally, you can adjust its thickness according to your requirements as well.

Moreover, you can also choose kraft material if you are looking for an eco-friendly option. This material helps you create boxes that are not only durable but biodegradable and recyclable as well.

Select boxes that fit

Candles come in unique shapes and sizes. Hence, choosing the right design is crucial for creating the perfect boxes. Moreover, you can choose any design you deem best for the boxes. You can also customize the size and shape of the boxes as you wish. Here are some of eh designs offered by packaging companies:

Two-piece boxes.

Sleeve boxes.

Tuck-end boxes.

In addition to this, you can improve your packaging with the help of inserts as well. Inserts increase the safety of the candles by keeping them in place. Furthermore, this quality also makes the customers’ unboxing experience better as well. Additionally, there are different inserts you can use for wholesale candle boxes, such as cardboard, paper, and blister.

Pique the customers’ interest with spectacular packaging

The presentation of the candles is just as important as keeping them safe. Thus, it is crucial to design eye-catching and attractive boxes. This is because even if you provide high-quality candles, customers won’t notice them if they aren’t properly presented. Hence, it is vital to create boxes that increase the candles’ visibility and attract more customers.

Packaging companies offer different options so you can design eye-catching custom candle packaging. For example, you can grab people’s attention with the help of vibrant colors. Furthermore, you can also pick a color model of your preference. Packaging companies offer the color models CMYK and PMS for this purpose.

Moreover, add-ons are another way to enhance the appeal of the boxes. Furthermore, add-ons are a great way to give the boxes a luxurious and high-end look as well. They can also be used to make different features, such as the logo, more prominent. The following add-ons can be used for creating distinctive boxes:

Foil stamping.



PVC windows.


Give your desired finish

Every detail of the design, such a sprinting, requires a suitable background to elevate the look of the box. Hence, you can pick a coating of your choice to give your desired finish to the boxes. Moreover, packaging companies offer three unique coatings for candle boxes wholesale.

So, if you want shiny and polished boxes, a gloss coating is the right choice for you. Furthermore, you can also choose spot UV. This coating gives a matte and gloss effect to the boxes.

Make proper use of customizable printing
Sleeve Boxes

Customized printing is another way to improve your packaging and take it to the next level. This handy tool serves many essential purposes when it comes to creating the right Candle box packaging. For example, it helps to convey important information about the candles to the customers. Furthermore, you can also influence the customers’ buying decisions by including enticing and unique details about the candles. Additionally, personalized printing also enables you to include the brand name and logo on the boxes. These two additions increase the uniqueness of the boxes. Furthermore, they also make your candles easily recognizable as well.

In addition to this, packaging companies also allow you to select the printing methods for the custom printed candle boxes. The available techniques are:

Flexography printing.

Offset printing.

Digital printing.

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