The Value of a Water Softener for Your RV

Much of the area of the United States has hard water, but just what does this mean? Hard water is water that has a high concentration of dissolved ions of minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. There are other dissolved minerals, but when specialists test for hard water, what they’re concerned about are those two minerals. So that’s what hard water is, but why does it matter?

Well, it matters for anyone who has any plumbing fixtures or uses water for domestic purposes, which is, effectively, everyone. For homeowners, or for people that own and operate recreational vehicles, hard water can cause some serious complications where it is present.

Hard water leaves scale and stains, which are aggregated accumulations of calcium deposits that hard water leaves behind. These can take the form of white-ish or brownish stains that remain at the mouths of fixtures or around drains.

The real problem is not staining, though. The worst part of hard water is the fact that the scale deposits can damage appliances as well as the lines that carry water. Hard water also, among other things, diminishes the effective diameter of the inside of plumbing lines, which lowers the amount of water that the pipes can carry.

That increases the pressure in the pipes, which increases the pressure on everything that the pipes feed. That can damage your plumbing and cause pressure-related damage to your appliances as well.

That’s not even to mention that the stains hard water leaves are unsightly and can impact the value of your RV. Hard water causes some other issues; it makes glassware brittle and it also can damage your laundry as well, but most concerns revolve around plumbing and fixtures.

So what can you do about it, as an RV owner? Well, for one thing, you can get a water softener for your RV, and there are many different types available, some of which require no power to operate, work passively, and are effective at softening hundreds of gallons of water before they need to be recharged to continue working.

Just for a quick example, consider a model like the On The Go Double Standard Portable Water Softener that features 16,000 grains per unit softening and is designed to go 10 to 32 days without needing to be recharged.

This unit requires no tools to use and does not require electricity to operate, and can soften 500 to 1600 gallons of water before it needs to be recharged. Recharging it, by the way, is remarkably easy and this unit can function with potassium chloride or just plain old table salt. That means to recharge it all you need to do is add salt!

Capable of handling a flow of 4 and a half gallons per minute at a pressure of 120 PSI, this water softener for your RV will help to diminish scale accumulation in your pipes and fixtures and can extend the life of your appliances. It even comes with test strips, a water drinking hose, and several other important accessories.

It’s just one of the many softener systems available among the water supplies at RV Upgrades in their online store at To learn more about the other types of water softeners you can use with your RV, visit their website above.

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