Tips to Encourage Mental Health of Franchise Employees

The coronavirus pandemic has made every individual stressed and anxious. The lockdown has impacted the business of every sector. Employees are facing mental issues, so it is the responsibility of every business owner to help their employees to cope with these hard times. Being an owner doesn’t mean to rule over your employees, instead make sure to be polite and give them enough support so that they can eliminate their mental stress. You should take the proper measures to make your employees physically as well as mentally fit. Encouraging mental health in your franchise will avoid major pitfalls and your business will reach the heights of success.

According to WHO, the mental health of employees is a mass term for social, economical and physiological welfare of individuals at the workplace. Being a franchisor, you should make efforts to eradicate tension at your workplace so that employees don’t get overwhelmed with the work. If you are running a coaching franchise, make sure to eliminate mental illness of your employees so that they can work efficiently and happily. In this article, we have jotted down some imperative measures to encourage mental health of employees in an organization.

Tips to encourage mental health of franchise employees: 

  • Host regular meetings

Mental health cannot remain stable, it can change anytime. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly check-in with your employees. For this, you can schedule one to one meetings with your team members and discuss problems that your employees have. It is often observed that in large gatherings employees hesitate to share their problems. Therefore, a one to one meeting is a better option to listen to their issues and make efforts to resolve them.

  • Promote mental health

You should conduct seminars and gathering events to make your staff aware regarding mental health and stress management. Provide your employees with health counseling and medications in the seminars. Also offer lifestyle coaching, self management program and personal self care counseling to your employees. Encourage them to follow depression and stress management techniques regularly such as breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness. This will reduce their anxiety in the workplace and increase the focus and motivation among employees. Also welcome their ideas regarding job stress issues. 

  • Be an empathetic leader

Do you know what is the quality that every good leader possesses? It is ‘empathy’. Many leaders think that empathy is strength. Therefore, you should be understanding and responsive towards the mental health of your employees. Undoubtedly, every individual desires to be a part of a company whose owner shows care towards employees’ mental health. It will make your employees feel valuable and give them inner peace. This way, your team members can feel motivated to work even more harder and give their best to your company.

  • Develop positivity

As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to embrace positivity in the workplace to energize your employees so that they can perform at their best.  Here are some ways to develop positivity in your work culture:

  1. Try to build good connections with your team members.
  2. Appreciate your employees for every task they do. It could be a thankyou email or a team party.
  3. Always solicit their feedback and listen to their views carefully.
  4. Never pressurize your employees by multitasking.
  5. Organize fun events from time to time.

Positive environment is required to keep negative thoughts away which leads to mental stress. Hence, encouraging positivity in your team will make them able to cope with mental illness. 

  • Guide staff regarding mental health services

There are numerous employees who don’t know how to avail mental health services. Therefore, you should come forward to guide them regarding these services. In addition, you can also provide several mental health resources to your employees. Such as you can give your staff an employee assistance program(EAP), grief counseling, bereavement leave and a list of local therapists, psychologists and mental health clinics. Check whether the mental health services you are offering your employees are up to date and easily accessible or not. Supporting these mental health services will empower your team members to do top notch work and to balance personal fortune needs.

In addition, If you haven’t opted for a franchise yet and are thinking of stepping up in a franchise business, then make sure to take care of the mental health of employees to provide quality products and services. For instance, if you are

planning to operate a coaching franchise, then ensure to give quality training in SSC CGL, IBPS PO, SBI clerk etc. 

  • Improve the workplace

Make sure your workplace has adequate natural light, proper personal space, greenery and designated quiet spaces to upgrade productivity and satisfaction among your employees. In case, the current workplace environment is not satisfactory, you can choose the best alternatives to improve the  atmosphere. It will cultivate a harmonious environment which will eliminate their stress and they can work appropriately.


The secret behind any business’s success is employees’ fulfillment. If your employees are satisfied, they can work from fingers to bones to meet certain deadlines and accomplish the organization’s objectives. Therefore, make sure to be concerned about the mental health of your employees to fortify their productivity.