Top 5 Press Release & Their Purpose

Press Release & Their Purpose

What exactly is a press release? What does it do? How does it even help? I know a lot of questions are been popping onto your point when you read the title press release. However, the definition of the press release remains mind-boggling. Since you are new to the industry or being here for a while.

Read On, Here’s how we explain about press release


A press release is an official statement delivered to the members of the news media to provide or an official statement or making an announcement.

Press Release is the superheroes of the business & brand. Press Release is the most valuable tool in public relations just like how GST is important when it comes to payment.

They say that press release is the most important element in public relations, Once it’s done right then there’s a lot of scopes, business & traffic to your website.

The entire intention behind the press release is communication plays a significant role.

Well, the purpose of the press release is to get coverage and get recognized amongst the target audience.

Perhaps that’s not all about it, here are Five purposes of a press release and they are as follows-

  1. Attention, Attention, Attention-The purpose of the press release is to get attention, create a story & generate publicity. The press release is a very powerful medium that even when all the information revolution is happening there is no way it can be killed.
  2. Assembles Believability– Press Release creates credibility & believability. How? Masses out there have immense trust in the news & journalist. So the target audience is easily targeted to the particular release they are fond of.
  3. Generates S.E.O-Press Release published onto various media outlets will automatically get backlinks to your website. Since then it would create understanding to the target audience.
  4. Announcements- Press Release is the perfect ways to create announcements for your masses and your target audiences. This creates a lot of excitement.

 Announcements are often used for-

  • Events
  • Launching of a brand
  • Business & Financial News
  • Product Launch
  1. A new opportunity to reach your target audience- Press Release is a perfect way to reach out to your target audience. It showcases how & what your brand delivers. Press Release is a perfect forum to demonstrate your commodity peculiarly.


In establishing a comprehensive press release you need to develop the 5Ws & 1 H concept. Remember press release are not meant to endorse, They are conventional official announcements. To conclude here are the points to know about  press release writings,

  1. Short & Quirky Title
  2. Summarize your subject
  3. Body- Explain the content.

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