Tyre Types Made For the Modern Car

There are a plethora of choices available in the market when looking for tyres for your modern car. However, depending on the road condition, the kind of car you drive and the tyre size you need, tyres are classified into different types. This guide will give you all the information on the different tyre types to ensure you enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride.

Some car owners use their car just for day to day roundabouts while some love adventure. Tyres you purchase can amplify your handling, steering and will help you overcome all the road obstacles and other external factors. So whether you are buying new tyres or wanting to replace the old ones, here is everything you should know.

Summer Tyres

Even though countries like the UK are often cold, your vehicle is probably running on superior summer Tyres Fishtoft. Summer tyres are meant for temperatures above 7 degree Celsius. Summer tyres are often considered a major or standard tyre selection for most cars. However, you should be replacing them with winter tyres to avoid skidding on icy roads when the time comes.

At temperatures above 7 degree Celsius, summer tyres are made of a specific rubber compound that improves your car’s braking distance. With summer tyres, you can smoothly drive on dry roads and even handle wet roads. Summer car tyres are the most common choice when looking for car tyres.

Tubeless Tyres 

They are the most popular choice in the market and not just luxury cars; all types of cars are now fitted with tubeless ones. Tubeless tyres come with innumerable benefits, including self-healing capabilities using a sealant. It also improves your car’s overall efficiency. You do not have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of the road but can reach the nearest mechanic with this kind of tyre. Furthermore, they do not contain any inner tube; therefore, the chances of puncture are less.

The rubber compound used in tubeless tyres is butyl rubber which comes with low air permeability. The deflation rate is slow and, therefore, there is no chance of losing control while driving. Tubeless tyres are lighter compared to tubed ones and offer a lot of comforts. With the absence of the inner tube, the chances of friction decrease too.

All-Terrain Tyres

If you use your car for both on-road purposes alongside off-road adventures, then this tyre is the best choice. Most of the SUV and even commercial trucks are fitted with this kind of tyres. They come with a vibrant, bold look that makes them look more aggressive than the other everyday tyres. However, whether it is snow, mud or water, all-terrain tyres can perform well on all of them.

The circumferential groove which is present plays a great role in getting rid of all the mud and the gravel. All-terrain tyres come with a deep tread pattern compared to others and are great for holding tightly and gripping the road. It helps avoid hydroplaning risks, and though a bit on the expensive side, they are worth the money.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are formulated keeping in mind the cold winters and the icy roads using a special rubber compound. The rubber compound offers better performance when the temperature is below 7 degree Celsius. The tread pattern is such that it could hold onto snow better, offering better traction. They can also clear water better than summer or all-season tyres.

The thin grooves present on winter tyres are called sipes which are different from summer tyres. The rubber compound which is used is known to contain natural rubber in larger quantities. Therefore, the tyres do not harden even in low temperatures.

There are some other notable tyre Frithville types you could invest in, including radial tyres, run-flat tyres, all-season tyres and others. It all depends on your need because knowing the right tyre helps you enjoy it.