Unique Advantages of WPC Foam Boards – Applications of WPC

As time going, the world is developing every second. Innovations and inventions helped us in every aspect of life. There was a day when human beings only considered living in houses made from stone, wood, and clay, but technology has made us so advanced that today, we see gleaming glass offices and marble-stoned structures.

What Is WPC Foam Boards?

Similarly, we humans try every natural and artificial construction material. We have continued to experiment to find the most effective use of natural resources on disposal and develop superior substances that last longer than natural alternatives.

Wood Plastic Composite, also known as WPC Foam boards, is a solid and durable material used for building purposes. It’s a mix of wood fibers/wood as well as thermoplastics. WPC panels are composed of fillers made from inorganic materials and plastic composites.

Advantages of WPC Foam Board

There are various benefits and advantages of WPC boards in daily life. You are probably familiar with WPC advantages if you’re related to a construction or home improvement industry. Here are some fantastic benefits of WPC foam board:

  1. The most significant advantage of the WPC board is it is an excellent alternative for natural wood. Its looks and feel are like natural wood.
  2. It needs fewer repairs and maintenance because it doesn’t warp/fold or break into smaller pieces as natural wood does.
  3. Another fantastic benefit of WPC, It’s super resistant to moisture. That’s why it’s highly durable and robust.
  4. The best part is WPC boards are fungi and termites proof.
  5. It is not easily corrupted and will not degrade or lose its structure.
  6. It is beneficial for the environment because it’s made up of recycled plastic and wood waste.
  7. According to a report, one tree is saved for every ten WPC. It’s the biggest reason for the WPC board’s popularity.
Applications of WPC Foam Board

Wood Plastic Composite foam boards can be used in several applications and are utilized in many uses. It’s a great alternative of wood and much cheaper than natural wood planks. Here are some expected uses of WPC boards.

  1. It is frequently used for outdoor patios and decks.It can be used in a variety of decking options like solid wood decking, hollow decking, and mosaic decking.
  2. It is used extensively for the construction of garden fences as well as other applications for outdoor areas.
  3. It is extremely durable and can be utilized in both exterior and interior panels for buildings
  4. WPC boards are also utilized in interior spaces to create various furniture pieces like cabinets for kitchens, closets, bathrooms cabinets, interior partitions and ceilings for rooms.