Want to get rid of Quickbooks error 6000?

QuickBooks is a robust accounting software and popular all across the globe due to its promising functioning and elite features. Being a QuickBooks user you are leveraging lots of features and tools to handle all kinds of financial tasks in your business. With all the advanced features and latest technology QuickBooks is still not 100% immune to technical and non-technical glitches. That’s why there are several stages where you confront issues or error code while working with it. So in this article, we are going to have a discussion about the QuickBooks error code 6000 series. This error comprises a series of error codes followed by 2 to 3 digits following the 6000. 

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What actually is QuickBooks Error 6000? 

In a number of errors in QuickBooks, one of them is QuickBooks error 6000 which can pop-up when you try to open a company file. This can happen when many users are logged into the same company file at the same time or might be when you are trying to bring back a previous backup of your files. There can be some other cases when you might encounter the error 6000. It occurs generally when there is something that is restricting the path of users in accessing the company file. Other codes of this series are also associated with the opening or accessing the company file. Let’s sort out this with one error code at one time!

Symptoms of the QuickBooks error 6000

Now here are symptoms you may confront at the time of the QuickBooks error 6000

  • When “QuickBooks error 6000” display, it damages the program window.
  • Generally your computer “freezes” for some time.
  • The window runs slowly and responds at a very slow pace.

QuickBooks error 6000, 77

It occurs when you try to access the company file.

Causes of this error code are:

  • Company file located on an external storage device.
  • The folder consists of the company file that had incorrect folder permission.

Solution to resolve the error code 6000,77 

  • Renaming of .TLG and .ND files
  • Utilization of the QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Configuration of firewall and other security software settings.
  • Recreate the damaged folder that contains the company file.

QuickBooks error 6000, 80

When QuickBooks unable to open the company file then you might confront error code 6000, 80

Causes of this error code are:

  • Company files may be damaged.
  • The file size is way too big.
  • Quickbooks is unable to communicate to file location over the server or host computer.
  • Quickbooks data restore or process over the network which should be held locally.
  • For Quickbooks data file over the network hosting on multiple computers.

Solutions to fix the QuickBooks 6000, 80

  • Utilization of QuickBooks data file diagnostic tool.
  • You need to copy the file to the local drive, in single-user mode.
  • Utilization of QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool.

QuickBooks error 6000, 82

This error code when users try to open the company file in multi-user mode.

Causes of this error code are:

  • Corrupted company file.
  • File located on another computer.
  • Encrypted software installation
  • The data source name is damaged.

Solutions to resolve QuickBooks error 6000, 82

  • Rename the company file and ensure to remove spaces from the name.
  • Turn off the hosting on the origin system where QuickBooks is installed.
  • Reboot the system.

QuickBooks error 6000

It occurs while trying to access the company file

Causes of this error code are:

  • Firewall setting restricting the program.
  • Multi-users login into the company file at the same time.
  • Damaged company files in some manner.
  • The installation file got corrupted.
  • .TLG file is corrupted or damaged.
  • Network configuration setting is improper.

Common methods to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code 6000

  • Configure the settings of firewall and other software.
  • Open the company file in another location.
  • Rename the .TLG .ND files.


So we are here now! In this very article we have mentioned the troubleshooting methods of all error codes that are QuickBooks error 6000, 77; QuickBooks error code 6000, 80; QuickBooks error code 6000, 82; and QuickBooks error code 6000.

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