What Are the Benefits of Streaming Websites?


There are plenty of torrents but among all those torrents extratorrents are the best and the one of the most popular for figuring out the latest movies that have been released. In other torrents it is complicated to download songs, movies, games and so on but it is not so in extra torrents. 

Since 2006, it is more popular among the people who use to download games and movies online. Few countries like Uk, Usa, Italy, Spain, India, Turkey, Russian Federation, France and Pakistan using this extratorrent is illegal and hence they have blocked this site by the government in the above-mentioned countries. 

How to unblock Extra torrent?

Follow the below steps and you can unblock extra torrent.

  • Take the device in which you want to use the site, click on the browser and go to Torproject.org, then the site will appear on your screen.
  • Then you will have to click on the download Tor browser.
  • After it gets downloaded completely, click on the Tor browser to start installing it. 
  • After installing, click on the tor browser and search ‘extratorrent site URL’. By doing this you will be able to unblock it and now it’s ready to access.
Benefits of streaming websites:
  1. Video plays instantly:

Before this streaming website, in websites, just the link of any video alone will be given. Users have to download the video from the link. It’s a long process but streaming websites allow its user to enjoy the video instantly. There is no need to download the video, users can see the content immediately after they click the play button.

  1. Best quality:

The video the website offers will be of the best quality that too it’s free of cost and the user can select the quality level for the video they are about to watch. They can even watch videos in HD quality.

  1. No space issue:

In case if users want to download the video either they have to clear some space for the video to be downloaded or the video will occupy a part of that device. Since users are watching the video that is streamed in a website, they need not worry about the space in their device. 

  1. No restriction:

You can watch any number of times as per your convenience, there will be no issue in watching it. 

  1. Free of cost:

Watching any number of videos, everything is completely free of cost. 

Benefit for the people who own website:

They generate money:

Revenue for them is of two types: they will make it through website ads or ads that will be played in between the video. It’s not that they only earn money, they also make more profit through their website. We all know that pirate videos are illegal and most of them even may get scared what will happen to its owner when issues arise. Most of the cases, the details of them are not found. Since they cannot find the owner and arrest him, they will bring an end to the site.