What Are the Best Long Lasting Candles?

Although there is little knowledge about how the candles originated, they are commonly known and used by people all over the world. A candle is a solution to a wide range of problems. They lift our mood, flood our minds with memories, create a warm ambience, increase our focus, and serve as a source of light. But nothing can be more annoying than a candle shrinking its height in a snap. One solution to avoid this problem is buying travel candles bulk so that you never run out of candles. The second and far the best option is buying such candles which last long.

So, Do You Know Which Candles Are Long-Lasting?

You must be looking for the best long-lasting candles but identifying them is not easy as a pie until you experience them. Anyhow, you must be aware of the properties of candles that make a candle long-lasting. Many factors reinforce a candle to keep burning for a long time. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Type of Candle Wax:

The type of wax determines if a candle can be long-lasting or not. Candles are made with many types of waxes, but the most common and prominent kinds of wax are:

Paraffin Wax:

Paraffin wax is also called straight wax. It is made of mineral or petroleum oil. It is a wax that does not have any additives. Additives are mainly used to extend burning time, enhancing texture, and increasing scent throw. But since these candles do not have additives that can prolong their burning time, they are not long-lasting waxes.

Vegetable Wax:

The next type of candle waxes is vegetable wax. These are the waxes made up of Soybean oil or palm oil. Soy wax the best wax to make container candles and their performance are better than paraffin waxes. The candles made of palm oil are called palm waxes. These waxes create one of the best candle textures. The vegetable waxes-palm wax and soy wax- are more long-lasting than paraffin waxes.


The last and third type of candle waxes is beeswax. They are made by bees that is why they are called beeswax. They have a slight aroma and are naturally yellow in colour. This wax is used to make a wide range of candles, including container candles, pillars, votives, and tapers. They produce a negligible amount of soot and runs twice as long as paraffin waxes. So, you must choose a candle that has beeswax because they burn the longest among the others.

Shape of the Wax:

The shape of candles also determines the longevity of burning candles. The most common shapes of the waxes are:

Square Candles: The square-shaped candle waxes are not long-lasting. It is because their wax burn unevenly, and most of the wax from the edges trips down wastefully. 

Round Candles:

Round candles are more long-lasting than square candles. It is because the wax burns evenly around the flame, providing it ample was to burn.


The type of wick also determines the life of a burning candle. Double and triple wick candles are more long-lasting than those with a single wick. Double and triple wick candles are able to burn the wax more evenly than a single wick. If you make candles on your own, you must use two to three wicks for the candles. Also, be careful to place them at an even distance from one another.

Bottom Line:

If you want some long-lasting candles, make sure you look for ones made with beeswax, are round in shape, and have double or triple wicks. And if you make your own candles, make sure you make them long-lasting by observing the guidelines.