What is Tajweed and How to Learn Tajweed?

The Holy Quran is the book of divine correctness and guidance blessed upon the Muslims and humans of all religions. It is there to guide us through all walks of life. When learning to read or recite the holy Quran, we often listen to the term Tajweed.

What is Tajweed?

The Arabic word “Tajweed” makes us ponder on the question of what is tajweed? Tajweed derives from the root word Jayyid. In Arabic, tajweed means making efforts in improving something or making it better. Translating it in easier words means that reciting Quran most efficiently and correctly.

In the earlier days of Islam, when Allah Almighty blessed the Muslims with the Holy Quran, many and many Muslims showed their best interest in learning the Quran. Learning the Quran from indirect sources led to errors in recitation. Later on, many non-Arabs entered the circle of Islam, and hence the melody and recitation started altering from one group of followers to another.

In the third century of Hijra, the Scholars of Islam began writing the rules and regulations to help the reciters understand the rules and regulations of intonation. Tajweed means giving each letter of the Holy Quran its correct recital.

How to Learn Tajweed?

Learning Tajweed helps us beautifully recite the Holy Quran. That seems melodious, and pleasant to listen to. Learning Tajweed can help us to speak Arabic fluently and understand the native speakers as well.

In this article, we are going to help you with the process of learning tajweed.

Professional Help

Islamic scholars or instructors who have full knowledge of this can help you with the learning process. Hire a tutor who has the familiarity of how to pronounce words with different intonation and can help you differentiate between different sounds.

Focus on Pronunciation

The Holy Quran contains alphabets that you have to recite differently. You should understand the sound of alphabets and how they change with little symbols placed on top or below them. Rehearse these sounds frequently to improve fluency.

Go Slow and Steady

There are many rules regarding the tajweed of the Holy Quran. It is best to keep on going at a steady pace. Do not let the abundance in course of study overwhelm you. Learning tajweed in Arabic is different and tough at first. Be focused, and don’t lose hope if you find it difficult at first. Remember that being slow in the beginning will only reinforce the foundation of the topics. It will help you later on with fluency.

Keep on Practicing

Once you get the hang of it, make sure to keep practicing it. Regular recitation of the Holy Quran with tajweed will help you improve your recitation. Quran recitation course can help you greatly in this regard. Reinforcing the concepts will make your practices flawless, and you can get accustomed to them.

Teach Others Too

Once you have complete command over tajweed, you should invest some time to teach others as well. Teaching others will help you understand it in a new light. Teaching others highlights your mistakes as well, and you can rectify them to make yourself better.


Allah Almighty has instructed us to read, understand and practice the Holy Quran and make it a regular part of our lives. You can learn tajweed and improve yourself on this path.