What is Technology? How its Impacts on Our Daily Life?

The word “technology” is derived from the Greek words technology, techne, and logos. The Greek root techne means “art, skill, craft,” and logos means “word” or “speech.”

The word “technology” was first used to describe the art of a special group of people called “artisans.”

Artisans were skilled in a type of work usually done by hand. However, they were not limited to their own hands;

they used tools and machines (such as tongs, hammers, or saws) to make things.

Or Artisans included carpenters, blacksmiths, jewelers, glassmakers, leatherworkers, shoemakers and coopers.

So that’s what Technology is. What’s robotic?

Robots are usually electronic devices that can sense their surroundings or respond to stimuli.

They may resemble humans in shape or move like animals or mechanical devices (such as industrial robots).

Now We discussed how technology impacts in our daily life in below.

How does Technology impact our lives?

How Technology impacts in our daily life in different ways, and that it is important to be cognizant of this impact.

Technology facilitates face-to-face communication through different modes such as video conferencing and telephone calls.

It also allows us to share information and collaborate with people across the world who might not be able to communicate otherwise.

This ability is vital for businesses and educational institutions because it helps them to communicate with employees, students and other stakeholders.

How technology can change our lives?

Technology has changed the way we live in all aspects of the world today. It has helped us to become more productive by saving us time,

helping us get information quickly and streamlining many tasks for us that required human effort in the past.

Technology has also made communication and interaction easier than ever before.

People can communicate with each other, even when they are located around the world, through and Twitter.

Everything we do today is center on Technology, from having a shower to making breakfast in the morning.

Examples of how to use technology in the classroom

Technology is an important aspect of education today. It has brought about a change in learning environments by integrating learning with Technology,

Technology is being used in classrooms across the world to enhance learning opportunities using multimedia material, feedback on students’ performances by analyzing the data they collect during class activities.

Advantages and disadvantages for students and teachers

On the other hand, certain disadvantages such as distractions and misuse of Technology should not be ignored.

Technology helps students access information faster than ever before, which can help them with their schoolwork and homework assignments.

It also enhances collaboration between students because they can share information more easily.

Develop their research skills by providing them with various tools, such as the internet and search engines, which can help them gather information faster.

However, Technology has some downsides too. Use of mobile devices in the classroom because they are often used to distract other students.

For example, while some students are using their mobile devices to research for a test paper,

others may be browsing the internet or playing games on their devices. This distracts them from doing well in their work and could reduce their grade.

Technology is rapidly changing our lives today, even though it also has its disadvantages.

It will help us to achieve a better lifestyle without being too dependent on it, as we also need some level of physical activity in our daily lives.

Technology’s Impact on Society as a whole, including its benefits and drawbacks

Technology has changed the way we view society today. It is no longer human-centered but technology-center.

This improves communication between people because they are able to share information quickly. Technology is also shaping society by giving us new tools such as virtual reality and the way we do certain things.

On the other hand, while Technology has helped in improving transportation and communication among people, we need to be aware of its negative impacts on our lives too.

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The benefits and disadvantages of Technology in our lives today, especially when we take into consideration the future

It has given us new tools such as mobile devices that allow us to do almost everything from communicating with others to viewing our bank accounts.

This has made life easier for us because we can access information quickly, which helps us make better decisions.

Technology is also shaping society by allowing us to access information more easily and share it with others.

This has made it easier for journalists, bloggers and news reporters to gather information quickly and convey it to people around the world.

However, while technology allows us to do things faster than ever before, we need to be aware of its disadvantages too.

People are becoming unhealthy in their daily lives because they use Technology too much, which could affect their personal and professional lives in the future.

We also need to be aware of how criminals are using mobile devices to access information when committing crimes.

So while Technology has helped us manage our daily tasks better, it is important for us to be aware of its negative impact as well.

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Technology’s Future – What will happen if we don’t change things now.

Technology has changed our lives in a range of ways. It allows us to do most things with just a few taps on our mobile devices.

This includes making transactions, booking tickets and even retrieving medical information online.

However, this is also creating some problems that we need to address immediately before they get out of hand. Health risks associated with using mobile devices for too long.

Research shows that radiation from these devices can cause serious illnesses such as brain tumors and other types of cancer.

We hope reading my content you learn about how technology impacts in our daily life.

How Technology has Changed Lives in the Future – what’s next?

Technology has improved our lives by giving us new tools such as wearable devices and virtual reality glasses that allow people to do different things in their daily lives.

For example, smart glasses like the Google Glass is wearable device that allows someone to do real-time translations when they look at text or objects in another language.

Another example would be virtual reality (VR) glasses such as the HTC Vive,

which allow people to immerse themselves in video games and experience things from a first-person perspective.

In the future, Technology will improve transportation and communication in many ways.

For example, driverless cars or trucks that don’t need to be driven by a human being may become common in less developed countries.

This would mean that people who cannot drive can still get around easily while reducing the number of accidents caused by reckless driving.

Apart from driverless cars, a company called Hyperloop is also working on a new form of transport that runs at 760 miles per hour and does not require tracks to move through tubes between countries.

This sort of transportation will be able to carry people from one country to another within minutes, reducing the need for travelling hours using aero planes or ships.

Technology is also changing the way we communicate using social media websites such as Facebook with each other in real-time.

Connect online, and they also create problems because of cyberbullying and cyber harassment.

That’s why there are laws now that protect citizens from harassment online.

How these changes might affect society and ourselves so that we can take measures to prevent any negative impact on ourselves or others.


We have discussed what is technology and how it impacts on our daily life. Technology is improving our lives in both good and bad ways. It is making some tasks easier while creating new health problems at the same time.

How these changes might affect society and ourselves so that we can take measures to prevent any negative impact on ourselves or others.

Currently, there are some problems arising from the use of Technology that needs to be addressed.

For example, there are problems caused by the use of mobile devices, such as health risks from radiation and traffic accidents from distracted drivers. In spite of these problems, Technology will improve our lives in the future.