What Is The Difference Between A Maintenance Check And An MOT Check?

Many people believe that once they get their automobile an MOT, it doesn’t need to be maintained. That is not the case. Keep reading to learn the difference between an MOT check and maintenance, as well as the many benefits of why you should have the car service.

Car Maintenance

An Auto Service Leeuwarden is unique to each garage, and if it is dependent on manufacturer specifications, it will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Apart from an MOT, vehicle maintenance is not a legally mandated need to drive on public roadways.

It is extremely recommended that you get the car maintained at least once per year, even if it is not needed. This is since car maintenance concentrates on the car’s condition and can discover any damaged parts that need to be replaced.

Is It Necessary To Service The Automobile Before Submitting It For An MOT?

After getting your car tested for an MOT, it is suggested that you execute a service. This is because issues found during maintenance could be easily spotted during an MOT inspection. A maintenance indicator on the dashboard does not trigger a failed MOT.

Is It Safe To Drive Your Car Back After A Failed MOT?

Your car may fail if the inspection results indicate that it has ‘hazardous’ or major’ issues. you may not be able to drive until the issues are rectified. You might also get a list of ‘advisory’ items to keep an eye on or repair later. If the vehicle fails the MOT, the testing facility will give you a rejection of an MOT test document, which will be entered into the MOT registry.

Riding A Failed Car 

If the existing MOT license is still genuine and the MOT found no ‘hazardous’ concerns, you can keep your car. You’ll have to get it mended if you don’t want to drive.

Even if you can remove the car, it must always meet the minimal roadworthy standards.

A £2,500 fine, a licence suspension, or three penalty points could be imposed for operating a car that has failed the MOT because of a ‘dangerous’ fault.

It’s suspicious if the service comes first, then your MOT.

Many garages advise you that if you require maintenance and an MOT test at the same moment, they would repair the vehicle first to guarantee that it passes the MOT. This attitude makes us suspect, and it should make you wary as well.

Additional effort can simply be added to the repair cost if a vehicle is repaired first to assist you clear the MOT testing.

It’s also not the most effective manner of running a garage.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Service?

The servicing will guarantee that your vehicle is operating as effectively as possible. There will be a handful of advantages to this. It should imply that you will obtain the most miles per gallon possible. It will also lower the chances of parts wearing out, malfunctioning, and creating breakdowns. Car manufacturers recommend that vehicles be maintained after a certain total distance or time has passed. If you adhere to these and document them in the vehicle’s service book, you’ll be able to provide the automobile with a complete service history. Its resale value may rise as a result of this.

What Are The Chances Of A Car Deteriorating After An MOT?

The MOT does not examine the engine’s performance, if the transmission is expected to fail, or if the gearbox is failing. As a result, if anything like that is towards the end of its useful life, it may fail just after the MOT. If a good, honest garage discovers something that may affect the vehicle’s owner while performing an MOT, it must be mentioned.

Is the car insurance still valid if you don’t have an MOT?

The car insurance will be void if it didn’t have a recent MOT. If you drive without one, you risk receiving a £1,000 penalty.

It’s worth noting that if you get into a collision and don’t have an MOT certificate, you’ll be responsible for the costs. This claim will almost certainly be significantly more expensive than your failed MOT test.

Additionally, if you are guilty of operating without a valid licence, the insurance prices may increase when it comes time to update.

Why Must You Get Your Car Serviced and MOT Check Done?

The rationale for having an MOT is easy: having an up-to-date MOT license for the vehicle is a legal obligation. Driving a vehicle without an MOT is not only illegal, but it also invalidates your insurance policy.

Although having an APK keuring Leeuwarden (car service, MOT test) is a personal option rather than a legal duty, there are several compelling reasons to do so:

Safety: Damage accumulates over time, and just since the car appears to be in good shape doesn’t indicate everything is fine. Regular maintenance can reveal hidden problems and give you peace of mind that the car is now secure and roadworthy.

Improved Resale Value: Whenever it comes to selling the vehicle, evidence of frequent servicing, such as complete service history, is sure to draw more purchasers prepared to pay a premium cost for a well-maintained car.

Money-Saving: Skipping a service will be more expensive in the long term than paying for it upfront. Regular maintenance can aid in the early detection of problems that might later become costly and difficult to resolve.

Increased Car Lifespan: If you want to maintain the car for a long period, regular maintenance is essential. The more you take care of your vehicle, the longer it will last.

Convenience: not only will it save you cash and guarantee that the car is as safe as possible, but it will also spare you the trouble of having to return to the mechanic later during working hours.

MOT and servicing 

Though MOTs are required by law every year, car maintenance is not, so it is strongly recommended that you schedule the maintenance at the same time. MOTs and vehicle maintenance are two distinct services. Users will not always do this because of the cost or because they are unaware of the distinctions.