What Makes Senior Shaft Golf Clubs?

There are probably a lot of players who give a disproportionate amount of consideration to the head of their golf club when compared to the shaft. Admittedly, the clubhead is one of the most important features of the club and will vastly impact how your stroke affects the flight of the golf ball. Still, however, experienced players know that a lot of the performance from a swing is a product of the qualities of the golf shaft. Really, the entire club works together to deliver results, in conjunction with the natural tendencies and skills of the golfer.

Among the ratings in golf shafts that you will come across in the course of playing, shopping and reading are senior shaft golf clubs. These may have never had a matter of personal interest for you, but if you have heard about them enough and finally want to learn about what they are – and why it matters – you can do so right here.

Senior shaft golf clubs are designed for senior golfers, and there’s no surprise in that. There’s one thing that defines a senior shaft, more than anything else, and it’s the flex of a golf shaft. Other things may come into account like kick point or torque since every manufacturer has its own metrics for rating the flex of a shaft, but if you hear about “senior” shafts, you should think of the flex.

Specifically, a senior flex shaft indicates a shaft that is more flexible than usual. This is not entirely different from ladies flex or amateur flex, but as mentioned, every manufacturer has its own guidelines for branding and demarcating a flex. The reason that senior shafts are more flexible is because much of the time senior players have a slower golf swing speed, and the flexible shaft is better suited to their abilities.

A more flexible shaft offers two significant advantages. On the one hand, a more flexible shaft is more forgiving. However, and more importantly, proper flex for a senior will enable them to get more out of a shaft given the same speed measurements. A more flexible shaft will enable them to hit the ball farther and more reliably than an extra stiff shaft. At the very least, it would be harder to do so with a slow swing speed and a shaft that is too stiff.

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