What Tiles are Best Fitted for Bathroom Walls?

Tiling has been the most trending style for centuries. It has taken over the wall décor for any room of the house. Luxury that used to be the collection of furniture can be used to transform the dullest of walls into something captivating. Bedroom walls, kitchen counter walls, living room walls and bathrooms can all be tiled and embellished with the trend.

The Finest Trending Tiles for Bathrooms

Tiles in bathrooms used to be simple white walls of porcelain or ceramic floors. Trend changes the entire appearance of your house when you implement it into your lifestyle. Here are the best stylish tiles for your bathrooms.

Wood Effect

Wooden Expert

The boring old sink wall can have the rarest wood tile trend upon it. Wood can give off the most natural and organic look to your bathroom. The texture and neat finishing of the edges will look old classic. You can place the tiles in a staggered dimension for a trendier effect. Another solution to the boring floor tiles can be wood effect tiles with a high and dark tone finish. They can still be ceramic but in planks and larger slabs for flooring.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Graphic Mosaic is the best in trend. The tiles of small squares within the larger square look attractive than many other simpler tiles. It stands out and gives a brighter reflection of daylight sparkling in the bathroom.



Bathroom Wall Tiles UK mostly are marble effects of unique designs. The shimmery effect of gold and silver between the lines of grey and black gives off the most appealing look in a modern bathroom. Tile slabs of marble are the high trend in this collection.

Faux marble can depict the delicacy and intricate shades of veins upon it. Easy on the budget, high on luxury.

The Classic Moroccan

Classic Moroccan

The ancient love for Moroccan tiles is yet in style. Their elegance drips a neat finish and reflections of the wall with its glossy texture. The shapes and curves designed and imprinted on the tiles keep the bathroom afresh. The colour combos can be brown and cream white, or any decent colour palette of desire.

Large Format Slabs

The trend of slabs and planks are everlasting. The bathrooms can look larger with large slabs of a suitable colour palette. The grouting is neater underneath the tiles without a mess of small tile placement. The slim and trendy effect of unnoticeable grouting shows off nicely with the overall parts of the bathroom. Over scale and massive tiles can cover both the walls and floors.

The tile trends make the room updated, and due to the same materials and designs, most of the people got bored of the dull housing. Interior designers, on this behalf, introduce elegance and luxury into the simple parts of housing and transform them into better versions. These beloved tiles can be moulded in style according to desire. The colour palette tones and shaded silhouettes are arranged on-demand as well. Expensive houses give off the high class look like this. However, you can still keep things on a budget and decorate.