When should you get a new set of tyres?

When your tyre’s tread starts getting extremely low, or your set of tyres are more than six years old, it may be a perfect time to buy new tyres. Even if your tyres seem fine, you should consider all the time they have been set up on your vehicle.

So, if like many drivers around the world, you are wondering when exactly you should change your Tyres online, keep reading to find out.

Besides flat tyres and blowouts, there are many more factors that can help you decide when you need to replace your set of tyres, including the following:

  • Manufacture date
  • Tread depth
  • Years of use

Once the tread starts to wear down, your tyres will automatically lose traction and handling during braking and acceleration. They will not properly grip the surface while driving in muddy areas, as well as rain, snow and ice, and even if they still have sufficient tread left, you should replace them if they are old, or at least once every five years. The reason for this is that as time goes on, the rubber surrounding your tyres will eventually crack and dry, perhaps causing a flat tyre or a blowout.

You can quickly check the tread depth on your tyres and determine when they were produced. This way you will find out if your set of tyres are still roadworthy.

Here are some things that you should start doing right away:

As you will have to check and assess the tread depth of your tyres, you may need to use special gloves to keep both hands clean. You will also be kneeling close to your vehicle, so be sure you park in a secure location with decent lighting.

tread depth

Measuring the tread depth

The easiest way of calculating how much tread is left is by utilising a quarter and a penny. Start by introducing the quarter inside the tread precisely in the middle of your tyre with the head pointing in the direction of your tyre. If you notice that the head matches the same height as your tyre’s tread, it means that your tyres are safe to use, but it might be time to buy new ones, just in case. This will provide you more than enough time so you can select the best Tyres for your vehicle and get them at a great price.

If after inserting the penny it matches the head in the quarter, your tyres are unsafe and you have to replace them as soon as possible. By planning, you will end up getting a comfortable and safe ride and even save money.

Determining how old are your tyres

Even if all your tyres still have a lot of treads, specialists advise you to replace them after six years of use.

To find out how old a tyre is, you can check the code written on the tyre wall to discover when exactly they were produced. The very first two digits indicate the week and the year they were manufactured, and the remaining two represent the year.

Never put off buying new tyres

New tyres can be expensive. That is why you should always check the tyre size guide to ensure you are getting the right ones. Never put off getting new tyres due to the fact that they are an essential feature in your vehicle.

How often you need to replace your set of tyres will largely depend on how you drive – more driving means your tyres will wear out faster. If you think it is time to buy new tyres, call your local tyre manufacturer and make an appointment or you can also check all the offers online.