When Would You Want a Lightweight Cart Bag?

Players who walk the course, without or without company, typically bring along a stand bag to carry all of their clubs and essentials. As a matter of course, stand bags should necessarily be lightweight and designed to offer comfort.

There are a few simple reasons for this, the first of which is that the heavier a bag is, the more fatigued you will get as you carry it around the course all day. At the same time, the weight of the bag compounds into the weight of the equipment you carry, so cutting back the weight of the bag as much as possible is beneficial. The whole idea here is fairly straightforward.

On the other hand, golf bags like cart bags are not necessarily designed with weight in mind. The more conscientious among the manufacturers are those who are concerned with weight as a matter of principle since lightness is a thing to be desired just because a bag must be lifted and carried periodically.

Typically, golf cart bags are designed to offer a different specific suite of features as contrasted alongside stand bags. For example, cart bags are actually designed to be able to carry as much equipment as possible without becoming overloaded or imbalanced. In addition, cart bags are typically designed to have forward-facing pockets so that they can be accessed while they are sitting on the back of a golf cart. Among the many pockets most of them offer, are easy-access pockets to hold your cell phone, range finder, water bottles, and more. Sometimes they even contain a cart strap to secure them.

With that information, you can see some of the necessary differences between stand bags and cart bags, yet at the same time, there are situations in which you might place a premium on the weight of a cart bag. In some of the following cases, you might actually seek out a lightweight cart bag instead of one that was designed to hold as much equipment as possible.

The first situation to consider is one in which you don’t want to make compromises on how much equipment you can take with you out on the course. While some stand bags do a commendable job of offering you space, generally cart bags offer a lot more room inside as well as more pockets than somewhat comparable stand bags.

Therefore, if you are looking for a bag that can carry a lot of your gear or all of it, then you might be looking at options in cart bags because stand bags just don’t provide enough room. However, while cart bags are not optimized for walking the course, you will still need to carry them out to the cart and load them up, as well as getting them to and from your vehicle. There’s no way around having to move a golf bag around at least a little, and that’s one reason you might want a lightweight cart bag.

At the same time, if you have company with you and don’t mind the extra weight of a cart bag because you need the extra space, then you might want to bring a cart bag out there on the course if it can be left with a companion while you are at play.

There are two reasons that a lightweight cart bag might be the most valuable and viable option for you to use, and there are even some stand bags out there that have been adapted from popular cart bags, offering you the most of room, lightweight construction, and stand legs.

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