Where Can You Use SS Press Fittings?

For contractors interested in saving money and time when installing or fixing a pipeline system, there is a simple solution: utilize press fittings. Compared to soldering, welding, and brazing, people can make pipeline connections in a short period by quickly making significantly less effort by utilizing a press fitting system. There are three kinds of press fittings. One of those press fittings is the carbon steel fittings, while the others are stainless steel and copper press fittings. These press fittings are best for different applications.

Press Fitting Applications

1 Chemical Lines

Industrial facilities can take advantage of the stainless- steel press fittings’ chemical resistance. Depending on the gauge and brand of substance, experts have ratified some stainless steel press fittings for utilization in pipeline systems that carry very corrosive chemicals such as phosphoric and nitric acids. As press tools need no flame to develop a safe connection, the potential danger of heating industrial chemicals is eliminated.

2 Gas Lines

Press fittings are ideal for utilization in compressed air systems and gas lines. Depending on the kind of gas, you can rapidly install copper, carbon steel, and stainless steel press fittings. This can encompass natural gas lines for particular types of stainless steel and carbon steel press fittings. Whenever correctly installed with the proper sealing elements, press fittings help build an airtight pipeline connection. This tells us that plumbing professionals could assemble a practically leakage-free gas pipeline in a much shorter time than it would consume to solder or welder.

3 Hydronic Cooling And Heating Systems

Purchasing a press fitting system is also useful as far as Hydronics are concerned. Plumbing professionals can utilize specific press fittings with hydronic heat and cold water applications due to their chemical resistance to ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Different makers manufacture press fittings in carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper that are ratified for cooling and hydronic heating applications. This enables people to custom design a climate control solution according to the customers’ requirements.

4 Greywater Lines

Stainless steel and copper press fittings that experts have ratified for utilization in greywater uses are the best solution for building a safe drainage system. Apart from saving time, whenever installing new greywater pipes, press fittings are also beneficial whenever completing repair. The reason behind that is that plumbing experts can complete the press fitting connections in moist conditions, which lets them speedily repair and cut down damage from leaky greywater.

5 Lubricants, Oils, And Fuel Lines

Plumbing experts can keep mechanical and industrial operations running like well-lubricated machines by utilizing press fittings for pipeline connections. From fuels such as propane, kerosene, butane, and diesel to heating oils and petrol-based lubricants, a broad range of press fittings is secure for utilization with combustible things. People must remember to check producer specifications to find excellent carbon steel, copper, or stainless -steel press fittings for the kind of oil or fuel line.

6 Potable Water Systems

Stainless steel and copper press fittings approved lead-free by the national sanitation foundation are best for utilization in potable water systems. Whether in newly built residential buildings or large-scale commercial applications, press fittings make it simpler for contractors to install cold and hot potable water pipelines. People can even utilize stainless steel press fittings in water treatment systems that use reverse osmosis to provide on-demand clean drinking water for their customers.

Press Fitting Certifications And Standards

Several press fittings are examined to guarantee they fulfill the stringent standards as drawn by well-reputed certification organizations. Whereas the particular ratified applications differ from one brand to another, several press fittings fulfill the standards of the following organizations.
•National sanitation foundation
•American society for testing and materials international
•American Society of Mechanical engineers
•Underwriters laboratories

Apart from that, various trade organizations outline building codes encompassing the plumbing heating cooling contractors association ratify press fittings for utilization in specific uses. These certifications and ratifications mean that people can trust press-fitting systems as a dependable pipeline connection method.

Benefits Of Using Press Fittings

1 Save Money And Time On Skills And Training

Press fittings save funds and time of people in a number of ways. Firstly, they do not require anyone to solder, braze or weld on the job. This helps people save the money and time required to train in these specific areas or from recruiting a contractor who is skilled in welding, brazing or soldering to be a part of their team.

2 Reduce Labor Costs

Another decline is in the number of workers to establish a pipeline system utilizing a press fitting tool. The faster labor in linking pipelines tells us that the projects get finished on a speedy timeline than if they were to solder, braze or weld. This could help people cut down their labor costs and finish more projects in the same time. Few workers are also required to do on-site examinations and attain permits as they do not involve heat. High Carbon steels have high hardness and strength, but low ductility making them unfavorable for welding purposes.